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Thread: My way to highway

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    A discounted account finally instruct a major lesson.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    hi PF, interesting day indeed. Have you ever noticed NZDUSD overnight; spike of 100 pips in one minute.
    yes, the morning NZD news. . .though my attention more to EurNzd range, more volatility. Harmful, but as a scalper want these attributes to a pair.
    Babysitting GbpUsd this morning, nearly killed me the boredom!
    vow I would rather see the price spike against me and struck my stopout than see 2 hours of 5 minute chart moving in 7 pips range or anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Gotcha! On a side note, I'm dropping DAX and Nikkei for a while and will trade GU you're right on stage PF! My tiny account can not handle that DD especially Nikkei it is crazy. If your greed can't be kept by you it will chew you up. By greed I was drawn towards Nikkei and DAX, especially Nikkei. But I'm not on cloud 9 anymore. Realistic expectation, ? You state I have it now ! As a result of PF. I really like that DD dining table, whenever I feel myself getting into revenge or overtrade manner I try to remind myself where...
    quite true; at the beginning of Jan; I had a 10 percent DD in one day; and I'm still in the process of regaining it day in and day out.

    Instead of my mind focusing on profit; it is on regaining a loss. Mathematically they are the same; but plogically they are not

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    the morning was GbpUsd, not too closely,
    the afternoon however was about EurUsd about the ECB conference.
    Started flat, then arrived the action, and I had been following this up.
    It'd be wonderful to have once in a while the easy way, lol, but I was quite OK with this too, as it's added another 0.5 percent to the day. Out of 9 entries, that is rather good, as there was only moderate drawdown. ( this time, unlike in the daytime).

    The chart could be a good example why usually have to stay flexible with all the TP when scalping.

    the day ended 0.89%, yet another good result, certainly this week is shaping the month nicely after the little -3% booked shedding day early on.
    Only for fun truth, 40 entries total today, for 9 lot volume ( 1x risk). . .the biggest size used was 0.25 lot. . .should answer the questions that there isn't that much variations there...

    happy trading!

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    We began tutoring sessions by PF this week, and it had been fantastic.

    Today we had a fantastic time messaging on skype whilst scalping GU and EU. Draghi and Trump shaken Forex quite a little in the afternoon

    thanks PF

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    Sounds fantastic Alpha, any tips you picked up that you can share (that is when PF agrees) ?

    Scalping round the EURO and USD yesterday during the speeches might have been a bit scary, a few volatility and you can't whether a big spike / tendency will begin as a result of someone saying something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Sounds great Alpha, any tips you picked up that you can share (that is if PF agrees) ? Scalping around the EURO and USD throughout the speeches a few volatility and you can't whether a big spike / tendency will begin due to someone saying something.
    Lol; PF have many golden tips.

    We haven't finished the training nonetheless. Something interesting I found that all of us share; is that Stop Losses are bad for counter-trend trading egies.

    Judging from your username; you likely concur with me on this

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    Forgot to bring a point about SL.

    Not using SL also means you need to decrease your funding alloion. It will lessen your risk of loss; reduces your potential reward.

    Say for example you want to fade EU during news event; and you intend NOT to use a stop loss. So; your egy should er for a swing of 100 pips or 200 pips. You should not get wiped out with a 200 pips move against you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    You should not get wiped out by a 200 pips go against you.
    200pip counter move ? That is not for me I'd go mad

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote 200pip counter move ? That is not for me I'd go mad
    you not alone!

    I believe the emphasis is rather about which you cant blow off your entire account simply because a 20 pips additional spike beyond your own expectations.
    Simple put: commerce little!

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