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Thread: My way to highway

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    Finally an update from PF!
    I had been there for a holiday

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    the waterfall day was complete with all the visit to a near by cave.
    It was only 600m uphill from the parking space, 90 percent of the walk staircase. Lets just say I had been in better condition before my entire life. . .the climb was fun 8 years back when I was there last with the family.
    For what it values, that must be a day of'7'. . .cos the cave had seven'chambers' just as the waterfall had seven levels.
    My phone wasnt managing the darkness that good, so, only a couple pics...

    ( I think there'll be yet another post with a few more of those photos I took, then the diary will revert back to trading )

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    finally an Upgrade from PF! I was there for a holiday
    I think it wasmy 3rd time. Was a lot easier to get there when we were living near Bkk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote was. Just drove home last night. Was just a short 4 times this time, will probably be a longer one in February. All is fun, but the driving up there and back, especially within Bangkok. . .yesterday from downtown 15km =two hours the rest was okay, but still a 7 hours trip.
    2 hours for 15km trip, then another 7 hours??!!?? Sounds like traffic in Bali! Went there for our honeymoon this past year, 30km excursion took over 2 hours (but worth it!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote 2 hours for 15km trip, then another 7 hours??!!?? Sounds like traffic in Bali! Went there for our honeymoon this past year, 30km excursion took over 2 hours (but worth it!)
    Been to Bali couple of years ago with family. Spent.
    Bangkok traffic isnt fun. I used to park somewhere still comparative normal traffic and have a cab, sit back, and dont worry about it. Couldnt opt for it this time, needed to send the buddies to the bus station, and I had a meeting with one ( really turned out to be 2 ) guys from Axi.
    I already dread that 2.5 weeks from today I must pick up another buddy from airport to downtown, then out couple of days afterwards. . .must be a reason why people moved from downtown 12 years back!! LOL.

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    PF, glad you're back. As for the mentoring, I raise my hands to the master. Count me I have 100% commnt and moment

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    additionally Friday, may just skip this one because is. Unfortunate, a VPS disruption ( they really do exist!!) Caused the closing full auto EA strain test to go out of the window at restart, as it reverted back to the default settings. . .not what I had been seeking.
    You are able to do something about this incident in the EA; so if it occurs again; it wont trade. This is the way:
    - insert a new parameter to the EA, a dummy one (call it anything, i.e. DummyParam),also place it by default to true (DummyParam=true)
    - in your own EA settings for live trading, then place this DummyParam=untrue, and save the configurations
    - from EA code, if DummyParamgoes true, don't trade, and sent email alert. (hint: be sure you only send a single email, otherwise it will send email every tick, insert another email flag parameter, call it DummyEmailSent=untrue, and if That's true, dont send emails)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    OK, a few photos, for those who like nature. This can be Erawan Waterfall, Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand, approx 150km from Bangkok ( and approximately 550km from where I live). In my opinion the funniest waterfall in Thailand. It's 7 levels, approx a 2km tracking uphill. . .nice, but not simple walk stones, roots, but I feel it is worth the trouble....and my friends loved it too, so I was pleased to take them there! It starts in the bottom. . .level 0? image degree #1 image degree #2 ( also where we stopped to swim on the back, and climb up the rocks under...
    appears amazing. I see couple of intriguing animals in those arenas . Will be travelling soon to Thailand. Its a wonderful country with friendly folks

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Sounds amazing. I see couple of intriguing animals in these arenas . Will be travelling shortly to Thailand. Its a awesome country with friendly folks
    I watched fish, moneys, and lots of russian and chinese tourist. . .some easier on your eyes compared to the other

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I saw fish, moneys, and lots of russian and chinese tourist. . .some easier on the eyes than the other

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