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Thread: My way to highway

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi all, today was a special trading day. Not really because it was 6/6 winners for 100% win rate for the next day in the row, but not since all entries were performed as singles equally days, not since I made great pips. It was special because it began out of a birthday song from my wife, and my son in the morning with a cake. ProfitFarmer now is officially 42 years old (also according to my original birth loion timezone and the time of birth also!) Of course I am happy that the market took simple on me, and made the day even better ( 0.34% now)....
    Congratulations, on both things!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi all, today was a special trading day. Not because it was 6/6 winners for 100% win rate for the next day in the row, but not since all entries were performed as singles both days, not since I made great pips. It was special because it started out of a happy birthday song from my spouse, and my son in the morning with a little cake. ProfitFarmer now is officially 42 years old (also according to my first birth place timezone and the time of birth also!) Of course I am happy that the market took simple on me, and made the day much better ( 0.34% now)....
    Happy birthday PF

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    Birthday PF! Have a wonderful party with your profits!

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    Ah, ah following your journey is highly eduional, and icing on the cake, your posts are always entertaining :0))

    Bon Anniversaire then , and that I want you to keep this up with the green pips.


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    The week isnt over yet, although weekend is currently getting closer.
    However, some days just not that suitable for one's trading fashion compared to many others.
    And once in a while it isnt that difficult to see it.
    Today was one such moment.

    As said earlier, I trade reversals.
    It is simple enough concept, together with basically 1 main prerequisite: the price need to move some prior to a reversal can be anticipated and traded.
    London open passed and came, and out of all the 14 pairs I track as usual defendant to scalp, just 1 pair get a decent move compare to its ADR (EN).
    When circumstances arent perfect, the best to maneuver.
    what to do?
    Today it had been cinema something I assured for my son a week...

    came back, and GJ was perfect. And I was individual, but allow myself shaken somewhat early, even though promised myself to wait patiently. . .and waited more than normal, 9 pips
    looks like that is for today. Good for 0.11%.
    A Friday left.

    happy trading!

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    one particular memorable Friday!!

    It will probably be one I remember forever.
    Not since the trading has been outstanding.
    I managed to do only one entry, GJ, for 0.05%.

    Not since the trading week was outstanding, at 0.8% it had been an OK week, although not a great one.

    Not since now it is the first day of Songkran, the Thai New Year (year 2561).

    And not because this evening due the heavy rain we'd both a two hours blackout that not only involved the power but also the cellphone lines to deliver any opportunity to exchange for an entire stop. ( and there was a few excellent chances, though there'll be another transactions following week, for certain).

    Now is memorable for me due to a scorpion.

    living countryside has many perks, and drawbacks alike, such as the wildlife of insects, ants, wasps, bees, snakes, and scorpions too.

    Nicely, now, first time ever I got stung by a single scorpion.
    For those who didnt experience this however, I can let it first hand:
    it is pain like hell!!
    An approx 4 cm long baby you has to slip in the space below the door. ( yes once in a while we get the big ones too that are more like hands dimensions and piano black)
    it isnt initially, generally we place it without accident and they get dealt with on a no prisoners taken way quickly.
    This one somehow made it under my computer desk and me sitting down not viewing it, was enough to get in trouble.
    The pain was almost instantaneous and searing! Damn, such a small monster packed with a punch.
    It had been my 2nd toe, and I could tell 6 hours later the pain is still very intense.
    While it get my revenge, I feel that the success.
    A few of you may be into creature right, and shield every moscitoes, and that is fine.
    My principle is straightforward: 30m circle round my property is warzone. without merci. Any snake buys etc are safe as long as they keep from the circle.
    These arent, particularly the aggressive one such as this has zero opportunity to live.
    It is life of departure!
    We receive a couple snakes 'injuries' also every calendar year, and no I dont ever cease to google first if it is a tree snake or even a spitting cobra.
    It is similar to scalping, fast in and out, but using a machete. Only cut everything short.

    On a happier note, half of this month is over today, and up about 2 percent. . .looking forward what the other half attracts.
    The drawdown isnt gone, but it is a slow steady recovery in the past five months or so, with no high risk and exceptionally low drawdown trading since the start of March.

    happy weekend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Ah, ah following your travel is highly enlightening, and icing on the cake, your posts are always entertaining :0))
    Business as usual: stung by a scorpion, what else!!!
    Talk about entertaining ;0)))))

    Have a good hopefully not too painful from the toe week end!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Company as usual: stung by a scorpion, what else!!! Discuss entertaining ;0))))) Have a good hopefully not too painful in the toe week end!! Cheers, J-F
    who scorpion was anything but enjoyable for me
    back to regular, can confirm that approx 20 hours it took, however today it's good as new.
    Trust me, today I will more often look under my table before sit down.

    After about a year and a half ago my wife and son had sitting at the kitchen eating breakfast when sensed something strange down. . .that was a snake.
    I awakened for the scre I believed the house is on fire!
    Me hunting the snake round the kitchen ( and mind you, being around the country side this is a large enough kitchen of approximately 25 m2) half asleep and half and dreaming pushed by adrenaline. . .that was funny thinking back.

    With scorpions is obviously straightforward: they all can bite you.
    With snakes, it's bit more like russian roulette: some is benign and scared over you, some a fricking cobra that may send you to hospital straight away, or worse.
    We are leading so much in the war, household vs critters....our accidents 1 1 scorpion in the scorpions (wife some time back) and 1 to a spitting cobra (also spouse, who was a hospital trip and some significant vision problems for several days)

    trading is similar to a war also, but feel a lot more humanist somehow.
    no killing involved. ( interesting fact: my wife is a believing Buddhist, but maybe cos her adventures she doesnt have another thought killing critters attacking us).
    But trading nevertheless is a war!
    You against someone. Someone against you.
    And just no idea that which is on the other side of this transaction up against you!
    Your wits vs. the unidentified enemy.
    That is a true challenge to handle.
    But entertaining also.

    happy weekend!

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    mid week update.

    Monday was slow and ended with no trade, then yesterday and now action picked up.
    Yesterday was really fine with 10/10 singles, now was nevertheless not so much though only 2 part transactions in the slightest, and very restricted working drawdown still.
    But especially now I had once more some horrible online relationship issues, that cost me, dearly. Inside my estimate approx 150$ not happy for this.
    I am in progress of reloing from the farm into the city, a more perceptible environment to farm profit. Will end up for the time being seeing family less often ( but nevertheless a lot more often than functioning at sea!) , when it appear to be a necessary move 16, but it came to the point.
    The farm is available, but this is something I cant rush to happen. Wish I could. There is interest, but not interest with cash in hand.

    About the positive side the 2 days was enough to gain 1.04%, and shave off again a little in the drawdown.
    So far the month is progressing along well, and only passed the 3% lineup.
    I am seeking to guard this, however right now trading appear to be very focused and with maximum a secondary entrance only it stays very much on the secure side the previous five weeks or so, I am not seeking to limit myself, although due the continuing drawdown wont also push too difficult.
    Risk stays the same as was, and see what comes.
    Overall I am happy with things that season, and basically right where I want to be.

    Today the major activity was between GBP.
    First GU afterward on the later news GC.
    Will include both charts as an example for need to be elastic.

    1. GU
    my timing was early twice, but great enough with little correction.
    While in hindsight all may be fine holding to each and all entries, that is hindsight, and dangerous.
    Especially the first 2 transactions are a fantastic example how not trying to hold to your greater profit would save a scalper in the drawdown.
    Then the next entrance set timed better, again using a spot on exit, and now there where I got little exhausted too, with spouse needing to visit shopping (tesco).
    Usually as my unwritten rule, if 2-3 occasions I have the timing off, then I prefer to hold a little longer as then tend to be a much better rebound, after all also getting matters at a discount.
    Well, I must work on the holding this case, but in all it was a fantastic hour work for my day session

    2. GC
    also an early entrance for the initial rally round the 00 area, then seeing weakness was holding out for greater entries. Not a close but not a bad result.
    For incentive, GC gave later some fantastic brief also, better. . .11 pips from a single entrance (scalping) isn't a bad one, at least for me

    EC shorts included a little more profit, but not a major portion for the day.

    happy trading!

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