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Thread: My way to highway

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Why are you blocking her? She isn't always appropriate in her judgements she does judge IN A CONSTRUCTIVE WAY. Making it seem funny. You folks cannot deal with a joke? A joke? Proove her wrong. Should you get it done she'll probably applause you. She is the funniest person here, disliked by over 90 percent of the members. I honestly cant understand why...

    Easy: things were answered, even those critics which were hardly constructive.

    There's a thin line between a fantastic residence, and being offensive, and this is a journal thread, not a egy discussion, or one commercial.
    It's my way, and my journey. I do not ask anyone to like it, but respect and accept it as it is.
    I think there's plenty enough proof that the approach can be workable.
    I think I gave also lots above how pips and counting them is/can be totally unworthy in trading.

    Agree, she could be funny occasionally, although not understanding the limits won't assist thins along.
    I generated a journal that concentrate on quite different values, and mean to keep it from derailing too much by someone or anyone.
    Right or wrong on my views, it is my journal, together with my views, rather than per we a discussion thread.
    I'm sure RR can discover another favorite ribbon to bitch around for now, and that I have other things at my hand at the minute that keep me occupied, without disruptive posts to reply, especially from someone 'experienced' who can not read and 'see' basics like that involving counting pips....

    Thus the choice for now, that ms RR is taking a break. Do not worry, I do not ban ppl and opinions, actually all As were answered here (yes, even some annoying ones!) , but seems like some can not discover that sufficient, and that is crossing a limit.
    If you want, can argue with that
    (but indie you check/read all of RR' posts and my answers here, helps with the argument clearly)

    Happy weekend!

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    It's your diary PF...

    I haven't had time to find out your trading style, but read here by somebody it's a counter tendency one. Is this right? When she sees something CT based when it's, she gets very angry. I have experienced that myself. And in the end, sadly, she was correct about the CT egy...

    I only wasted like an season and possibly #20k or more in development expenses, just to assure myself CT trading has no future for me personally.

    If you could take my expertise on your portfolio?

    I'm currently placing the transactions into the previous direction just. Cutting the winners brief and reopening them into the new direction. Whatever times required. Having baskets which have flipped over 75 times atm. Most are like 100 pips or even point. Finally.

    Will not interrupt your tread. Got the have a nice weekend messagge meaning!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    It is the journal PF... I've not had time to find out your trading style, but see here by somebody it's a counter tendency one. Is this right? If she sees something CT 14, when it's, she gets angry. I've experienced that myself with her. And ultimately, sadly, she had been right about the CT approach... I only wasted like an year and maybe #20k or more in development expenses, simply to assure myself CT trading has no future for me. If you could take my experience on your portfolio? I'm now putting the transactions to the last...

    Happy weekend! Stands more or less compared to weekend end or the happy trading of my articles.
    An easy wishing well!
    No second meaning whatsoever!

    To the question: really I trade/scalp CT..
    The pair stat is above, I think that it's acceptable from several aspects.
    I'm always pleased to discuss other ways, and sure there is merit to other manners, myself exchanged before some breakouts, fractals, pivot points, etc..
    But I am simple man, and if someone imply superiority, I prefer to find some evidence for this, something which seldom forthcoming , and rendering most of critics articles, well, useless.
    That said, I'm well aware there is many ways to make money on the market, and currently that which I trade suits me OK.

    Happy weekend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote CT works, until it does not. Sooner than later, you will find out that. Bankers are not stupid. They have particular sort of movements, made for the CT trading fashion. I will give you one example. I've never done that here. This is so unique. It's their algo profile... Nobody here will pay any real attention to this, but if you're able to read it for yourself? It is. Timing is the big mystery here. And time is the real CT killer. If I could only master time... but to date...
    CT works, until it doesn't. . .sort of true; for everything, lol.
    Enjoy the example. Read, if you wish to delete.

    Agree, timing is vital.
    More, here and there I'd mention about 'time in trade' as a CT/scalping facet.

    Additionally, there and here mentioned concerning the money direction, and the need to at particular stage take a loss vs get into full swing hope/pray/paralysis stage.

    Until something busted, I do not intend to change it. Currently I do not consider things bad. But really, time will tell, and I am consistently assess new things to enhance everything works.

    Happy weekend!

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    nearly end of the week.
    Still a NFP Friday to go.

    Today GU was the taste, mainly.
    I was fortunate enough to get the time pretty well, and while others might be held, another transactions are a great example why time to time that the best way to take what's given, and wait for another (often better) chance.

    my risk appetite remains somewhat restricted. Retrieval is on the way; slowly.

    happy trading!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I was fortunate enough to get the time fairly well
    fairly well is an understatement. You just rubbed shoulders with perfection on that lowest buy

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    Wonderful entry! , and as Seneca state: luck is what happens when preparation and opportunity meet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote fairly well is an understatement. You just rubbed shoulders with perfection on this lowest buy
    that is the decision based on wake
    there was some lowest buy prior to the closing, lowest came around.
    Initially I though at 1.40 GU likely did hit on the day's low.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote that is the conclusion based on aftermath there was a few lowest buy prior to the final, lowest came around.
    No one's interested in what is happening in the kitchen. Everyone would like to eat!

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    originally I though at 1.40 GU probably did strike on the day's low.
    Never made friends with pivots? The daily S2 was screeming 1.398!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote no one's interested in what is going on in the kitchen. Everybody wants to eat! quote never made friends with pivots? The daily S2 has been screeming 1.398!
    Did utilize pivots, did utilize fibos. . .there was a time I experimented more.
    They then were gone.
    First fibo, then pivots too.
    My charts are pretty easy. RSI is that there cos it is an old love, and on a single chart I have a CSM. I can return to mention there, dont put around it.

    Was just something yesterday I was considering pivots, and daily TF, but it was not scalping idea. The weekend is going to be a fantastic time to toy around with it a little.

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