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Thread: My way to highway

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hi CR, A very valid question and I enjoy it! Generally, when scalping commission (and of course slippage on implementation) can and do consume profit quickly. There is very little space. One is to attempt and find an IB bargain, that will reduce commission per lot, in my case @ICM, from your 7$/lot to 5.5$/lot. Another similar choices is is a direct deal with the broker, made on a few quantity or other merits, like I've @Axi, reducing my 7 $/lot to 5 $/lot. Unfortunate, where it'd matter largely, especially today, @Fixi, I don't have such...
    Thank you for the thorough explanation. I am currently doing about 26 percent each profit for my ICM account. I am scalping like you but my typical pips and time ought to be larger since you exited in comparison with mine. I notice most of your transactions are fast in and fast out although your typical duration states differently but I guess it's just based on large samples and one or two transactions holding over several hours out your typical duration time.

    What I don't understand is how on Axi or Fixi you are doing 65 percent or 95%? Meaning you are spending the broker $6.5 per $10 earned? Is that possible? I have no experience with these accounts things but it sounds ridiculous or undoable, isnt it?

    P/s, I am using cashbackforex for my IB deal. Any other recommendations for a cashback deal that is better? You can pm me if the forum doesnt allow marketing here. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Thanks for the detailed explanation. I am currently doing about 26% per profit for my ICM account. I am scalping just like you but my average pips and holding time ought to be bigger than yours since you exited quite early compared to mine. I notice most of your transactions are fast in and fast out but your average length states otherwise but I figure it is just based on large samples and one or two transactions holding over several hours even out your average length time. What I don't know is how on Axi or even Fixi you are doing 65 percent or 95%? Meaning...
    um, possibly a few more details, afterward.
    Great news, it's a journal, therefore, write anything I need, and it's still on subject

    first the cost part....not 6.5$ per 10$ earned exactly. . .better know that to make 10$ for me personally, actually I need to make 16.5$ profit ( in this example).
    Of course that is the intense side. And matters are in general better.
    The mentioned accounts has different start date, thus the amounts involved are different too. The attached ICM in TE running longer, very good times has some smoothening impact over several intervals that rougher, such as last Dec and Jan both seen some drawdowns.
    Again, as a reminder, not just winning positions cover commission, but losing trade do too, thus compare overall commission versus overall profit is not necessarily the full picture.

    Holding period:
    the ICM acct in TE, I had been doing some swing trading initially, and from start of August chose to just use the scalpign component, to make a clearer product for prop trading opportunities. Part wasn't to maintain evenings, and more powerful overnights.
    my TE account still shows 9h35m ordinary holding...
    versus the pure TE accounts:
    ICM 2x: 15 min, Axi:16 minute, Fixi: 18 min.
    again, the various account beginning times. . .but there is obviously not much difference.

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    Frequently comes up, what good or fair prop trading conditions may be.
    Thought it would be interesting to find out what the opposite end of the spectrum is, therefore here is a good example what I believe highway robbery:

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    Visualizing trafic mild prosecution in Sao Paulo or Rio.

    Interesting they twitter feed have Rajhneesh (osho) image, he had been quite a weasel. (sorry if i hurt animal rights).

    I want do bussiness with them, they are also very accurate and can deposit exact 1 mio into account and profiting 700 percent rather than withdraw single pennies.
    I can also subscribe they 100K$ funding with paypal, how easy.

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    It has been almost 8 months to the day which started this journal, and have to admit that I didnt think it will survive this long.
    The starting out was slow, the curiosity very restricted, possibly because I had about zero effect on the forum. It can as well saved journal from trolls.
    There is likewise very few fancy charts published, and lots of the topics that appear are subject to view.
    It's a journal, of my journey, and matters that interesting for me, may be dull to others, believing that I find helpful can be useless to others, and a few can totally disagree with my view about anything,or what.
    Things came quite a distance for me since end of June, when started to write this journal, I did go soon after full time, I'd make (and additionally passed) the bracket I deemed my target to stay full time trader, I have lended multiple prop bargains to enhance my lowest lines ( and even turned down multiple proposals! , something I would never think I would).
    I'm making a solid living, but I am not earning 6 digit incomes ( yet?) Nor I am close to be a geek, just like a lot of here.
    I'm just a normal joe trader, such as the majority of the names on the forum, I figure.
    But average joe traders can also have discipline and plans to follow thru 'their way to highway' just since I made it to 'my way to highway'.
    I'm very proud of the fact that I needed a dwell TE posted along this journey, to demone that no huge monthly gains required to succeed in this match, and this consistency is possible (perhaps not only in words, most offer in the forum, but also for actual, visible fashion).
    Things worked out good so far, beyond my expectations, ( or if write dre instead?) , and whatever the future brings I am greatful for what we have learnt from this travel personally.

    Also the motive of this article really a THANK YOU! For all of you who some stage invested your time to check out me, and even bigger thanks to people contributed some to the ribbon too.

    as of now, the journal just handed 100.000 views, a great great landmark, and after the above mentioned slow beginning it demones that many really found worth reading it, and hopefully some inspiration too, that things can be done that way as well. My way could be anyone's way who give up chasing 100% monthly unicorns.

    And here, my subscribers and buddies, without them this would not happen! Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Yep, really use the RSI You may look again, even on last chart, being M1, I think that it isn't so difficult to connect the entrances. Additionally, I mentioned in earlier articles, that additional I look at CSM, and highs lows/support resistance, a few reversal patterns, BRN, maybe even a little on correlation into major pair. ( is. EC chart vs EU) Additionally, I mentioned it isn't exactly as trading is edued in the textbooks, and that's true for RSI too. Without going too deep into it, just to get a suggestion: I don't care if RSI crossing the 30/70 lines...
    Thanks my friend, because your article I find a good egy

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    Can I ask you , when the lightning attack you, and you discovered that your special sauce of fertiliser, making your money expansion and not rotten on subjects.
    Its not dung what you spread on areas.

    I watched one of the account, big improvment about a year ago, and stabile growth. Must be earlier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    image May I ask you, even when the lightning strike you, and you discovered your special sauce of fertiliser, making your money growth rather than rotten on fields. Its not dung what you spread on areas. I watched you of the account, big improvment about a year before, and stabile development. Must be earlier.
    If any main ingredients, it is risk management associated.
    To throw in the towel able before it gets so deep into red that retrieval would be too long, and plogical impact on me too tough.
    Individual entrances being too small to make actual harm themselves, meaninglessly small. But electricity is at the amounts, and when sufficient made, collectively they have an impact. Small gains compound up to big gain, even with occasional drawdown, the equity curve is apparent enough.
    And finally, for me, choosing 'prop money' is equally a brief term target, and a 'tool' to help keep me more disciplined, maintaining to a frame of rules while being accountable. . .the highway itself. pure, accelerated growth.

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    Nice call on EU... What are you really looking at today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    image Nice call on EU... What are you really looking at now?
    lol, nice pic.
    Since I'm scalping actually, I dont do much calls, live or otherwise.
    The sole prediction to offer is that tomorrow nothing major happens, and finish February in the green!

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