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Thread: Stable profits weekly - Monitoring transactions

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    I trade on the rankings of various lengths. I wish to share with you my thoughts and will upload bargains as affirmation or refutation of this analysis.
    I'd be thankful if this thread will help you on your trading, additionally, if you could participate in the discussion.

    Now's beginning with the USD / JPY.

    We see testing the degree of 111.03 twice. Following that, at the moment, we're seeing a rebound, presumably, into the degree of 113.20, which will fulfill first resistance. Secondly resistance level will probably be at a price of 114.42, and the third at 114.80. Little prospect of breaking through the level 113.20, therefore, following him, we could anticipate move down, followed by testing the 111.03 degree price.

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    I successfully got to move up the price of 111,459 and 112,410 closed position.
    Profit 104 points.

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    According to the wave theory, we can assume that today the dollar-yen pair is at a profound and intrie correction. Is expected to increase into the level E, may also break through service at 111.100 and descent to 110,700.

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    Today I put a screen with the story. Two bargains. I captured movement Pound.

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    I did wave analysis to the EUR GBP D1. The rising momentum stopped price 0.79250. The pair is in a correction, forward descent to some (0.77000), rebound to B (0.78750).

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    For to not make a screen shot, sometimes I will post your password. You are welcome, if anyone is interested.
    Invest pass.: R67Ty11Ghn09
    login 304656

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    I have contributed the thread on Trading Discussion, also was focused on commerce. I want to come back to here and recording.

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    That is my last orders for the previous time. As for today, it's the charts, based on which I traded.

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    My predictions concerning the EUR / USD
    now we could assume that just formed a four wave. The wave will start in the near future. Expected completion of wave 5 - a support degree 1.11421
    But when the dollar will weaken and cling to the movement upward tendency, which many traders expect, we can expect growth of figure head and shoulders.

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