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    another one...
    that the problem with this Gbp/Yen was that the range stage of MOTHER candle wasn't removed...
    Cad/Yen... mommy candle low removed along with a PIN sets up...

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    Ps I am not a member of Nialls or such... this creation is called a HIKAKE in Candlesticks.... And such isn't unique to Niall

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    sorry here is the chart
    like I told you in my personal opinion, the fakey setup is a mommy candle followed by an inside bar THEN a trap pub that either breaks the top of the inner pub but neglects to close above it and that activates a bearish trade, OR violates the reduced of the inner pub but neglects to close below it - and triggers a bullish trade

    P.S I am not a part of Nial's band . However, I've discovered his egy from his free movies that he posted on his site

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    another one...
    that the issue with this Gbp/Yen was that the range purpose of MOTHER candle was not removed...
    Cad/Yen... mommy candle reduced removed and a PIN sets up...
    This is the fakey setup as illued by Nial:

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Ps I am not a part of Nialls or such... this formation is KNOWN as a HIKAKE at Candlesticks.... And such is not unique to Niall

    in summary, I think you are mixing between Nial's concept of Pin Bar Reversal and The Fakey Setup

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    Now I am selling EURJPY @ 111.01 and also have set my target @ 110.5. My stop loss is set @ 112

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    The Goal was Struck That generated 51 pips in profit

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    Again ashraf, continue the fantastic work!!


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    Hi ashraf999,

    I just found your diary here. Hope to learn more from you here. Thanks.

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