Trading the Dailys using Intermarket Analysis
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Thread: Trading the Dailys using Intermarket Analysis

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    So I'm going to be posting my ideas as well as live trades as a means to keep myself more accountable and prevent in the warmth of the moment sporadic trades. I believe that when you write down your thoughts they become more clear. Perhaps my musings will be of interest to a curious spirits.

    I trade the next pairs currently:

    Risk Appetite cycle:
    AUD/USD - extended
    AUD/JPY - extended
    CAD/JPY - extended
    EUR/AUD - short
    EUR/CAD - short
    USD/CAD - short
    XAG/USD - extended
    XAU/USD - extended

    Risk Aversion bicycle:
    CHF/JPY - short
    EUR/JPY - short
    EUR/USD - short
    GBP/JPY - short
    GBP/USD - short
    USD/CHF - extended
    USD/PLN - extended

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    Together with the bullish rhetoric from the media now it appears we're seeing the beginnings of the following risk appetite tide.
    I am long a little position of AUD/USD @ 83.8 with a cease @ 80.5

    I am an eager beaver to put in it in the end of the day if we shut above 84. Up this cycle I believe I'll be favouring AUD over CAD as AUD/CAD looks to be forming a bullish wedge within the past couple of days and I believe the AUD is overly oversold.
    When it fails to close above the 87.00 range in the end of the cycle it will be getting the boot off of this risk appetite list and proceeded to risk aversion as a brief only since that is going to be a confirmation that the cool down from China is taking it's toll on the AUD. I'll then be ditching my physical AUD holdings in this time also with my sights set on a mixture of USD and CAD.

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    I believe of all markets as being influenced by 3 seperate waves:
    - Fundamentals
    - Technicals
    - Risk Aversion/Appetite

    I need all 3 to be in my favor when entering a trade so in the case of being wrong on one point I have another two to bail me out. Preferably with 2 of those waves just turning round, but I will sometimes settle for one if there is a blatantly clear technical opportunity (pinbar at support/resistance).

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    GBP/USD appears to be climbing up to ~1.49. Can't wait to short off its pants when it arrives.

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    Moved the AUD/USD SL to 0.827
    Added buy limit order @ 0.853 with SL @ 0.827.

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    Sell limit order on EUR/CAD @ 1.2879 SL @ 1.303
    - removed for weekend, will reinstate if nothing redonkoulous happens

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    Buy limit order on XAU @ 1216 SL @ 1198

    Beautiful pinbar on the daily off support that required the previous day's non

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    Another buy limit on AUD/USD @ 0.853 SL @ 0.827.

    Once this order gets loaded I will not be adding on to it unless we get some sticks on the daily above 0.865 along with the sl has been transferred up

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    Moved XAU sl to 1208, EURCAD to 1.293

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    AUD/USD buy limit lowered to 0.843

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