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    Im totally agreed with bfantastic. The most important is the way you manage your emotion whilst trading. In my early trading days, I keep on losing while other traders using the exact same method as mine are profitable. So, what's the distinction?

    Then, I began using the so-called Morning pages. Each single morning I wake up and write around 2-3 pages of whatever. Yes, anything! Don't stop writing until you have to 3rd page. For 2-3 weeks I not feeling the impact of itbut after 2-3 months. I will surely feel that the changes. Im taking a look at the market at distinct way as I look before. Trading is about yourself. It's simple but not simple.

    Enjoy a Fantastic weekend!

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    That's not bankrupcty in any way. What would you do if you lost ALL the money in your account and you also do not know exactly what to do next to place some money on your account again?! Take it as a lesson, and simply don't replie it. It's not difficult, the hard part is becoming aware of if the exact same error is occurring again and then preventing it. That's why what arcus stated is for example a beneficial method to maintain the rubbish out of your mind whilst trading to be able to discover if your mind drifts and you're doing some stupid thing again.
    Just make sure that you aren't pissed in your loss and now you would like your money back and that quickly please. Does not work like that. Cash in the markets is made gradually but consistently.

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    The old stock market saying goes that the bull comes in up the stairs and also the Bear goes outside the window
    You need to look at the positive here and find out from it.
    One of the best ways I have discovered to to this is make a log of each trade and not simply record the fundamentals of the activity of the trade but also be conscious of my feelings because I entered the trade what I did during the trade and the way I felt after the trade. It has helped tremendously in point out those tiny bad habits that keep creeping back in if you don't keep track of them. By keeping a record of each trade I am now able to return work out egy. It also helps to have a template log saved and use it each time I am trading.

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    Thank you guys for showing interests in my journal..haha
    Did not expect to see some answers actually...

    Last nite, Dec. 11th 2008 Monday,
    I made another dumb entrance.

    Last nite, my intuition told me to brief Eur/USD.
    I shorted one lot and abruptly after my entrance,
    of course this pair began to move contrary to my place!! . .

    This entry that I made, I did not do some technical analysis,
    I just thought in my gut sense, which is really dumb.

    Well, I did not wish to lossse all my money so when I struck -52pips,
    I shut the place.

    Loss of 52.5 on Dec. 11th 2008.

    So today,

    I just got back from school and was having dinner.
    And I reveal a good entry point, which I just entered for quick 30pips.
    I do not think I could exchange anymore today or for the rest of this week, maybe couple trades.

    Being a trader sucks, but being a student awakens more!!

    Just done with a single final exam...3 more to go!! .

    *Do not ever go against long time frame trend!!

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    Good to see you still around and in great shape!!!!

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    I am sure this man is totally burned out by today. Its obvious that his lot sizes were WAY too large for his account.

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