About 16 years back one of my friends told me about trading and grabbed my interest so I started on demos fresh charts and did pretty well for about a year I opened my first account with 10 k. I figured thats it I will be self explanatory and my life will be awesome. Things didn't work out this way.

My first error was that I believed I could be self- employed on a 10 k account. My next mistake was believing that 1 great deal is fine leverage on 10 k.
Well it is not okay!

Things went fairly well for about 3 month of trading live then 1 lot leverage showed me how quickly you could be down $ 500 usd and much more a few.
So things started to seem just a bit bad but not so bad but bad enough for me to search for some bling in my trading. What I discovered on-line seemed like some good stuff. However, on reflection I'm sure some marketer just includes these ridiculous trade thoughts.

From sterile charts I went into a dump truck. RSI/Stochastic/ Mac D/SMAs yes you guessed it, all those things traders dont use but are very popular with Technical analysists to make their PDF reports appear fancy on Mondays minutes of the meeting together with the floor traders.

About 2 years past and not moving anywhere with my trading account which moved from 10k to 16 k and at the conclusion of the 2nd year was down to 3 k. I never made any withdrawals! If I had I would have been out earlier.

So in 2003 I understood I'm not ready to become a self-employed trader so find a job prior to the street takeover. I was fortunate, I found a job and slipped back to the 9 to 5 to endure. Survive I did using a Department of Defense (DOD) posting to Camp Liberty in Iraq. And that brought cash in. And cash buys time to study your areas and trade live from the evenings.

You may make money and this thread will take you into a better level of Trading and you may choose to trade as a full time career or which is possible or operate and Trade which is possible to. As trading formerly experienced can be restricted to a couple hours a day.

The above is a summary of my back ground and off course not all inclusive and because no demand.

Moving ahead I will share what I do and how I do it. How I make it operate and what I do if it doesn't work.

Hope this will be enjoyable for everybody and fun includes rewards...

You may be wrong now but right in the future, is dependent upon your perspective of period

Will speed into this, definitely we will not run Regards Dennis

And there I had been Camp Victory Iraq 2003