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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote it'll be if I made more sequential W than L.the first 10 trading days drawdown are huge coz of not even lot sizes causing negative overall despite more winners. This is the portion of the I'm tracking and how to reduce risk, so far positioning exactly the same lot size works for today. .
    Thank you'll be intresting to follow you on this concept.

    Best regards

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    Interesting notion, thank you. Testing it for leverage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Interesting notion, thank you for sharing . Testing it with leverage.
    Your welcome..thanks, only let me know how it works for you. .

    Closed all my open positions last friday. 13 winners out of 31 trades, a 42% gain rate with 300$ profit.

    opened new 30 positions @ 2am today. I will update once closed

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    Developed a Trade Explorer to monitor the Evaluation. Enter/exit at London 00:00, 9 pairs, 1:1 leverage every, margin amount near 5000?y . Looks like it is not necessary to close the winners just to reopen them instantly. The losers will be reverted (always, correct?) .

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    Ended the 2nd day with -1.1%. Had the opportunity to close throughout the afternoon with 1,8 % but sticked into the egy of holding. It was a poor (and mechanical) decision. I feel it's not possible to win mechanically. The market wouldn't let to acquire following a guideline so or a fantastic programmer can pack into an EA within 1 hour. Will close anytime I see a decent profit from now on.

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    1 Jario. That's the side of the automatic systems, they wish to control the market but. .

    Re-renter 29 positions now @3:30 am (gmt 3 tz). . Margin level attained 700 percent from previous days that's good from 400%. . When closed will update again. Sleep mode till 5

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    heading back to fxblue data, I noticed that drawdown drops once I began with same lot size in every transaction. ROR also drops a little. . Let's see how it goes at a long run. .

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    Third day balance: $-2 (0% acc). My entrance time changes .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Third afternoon balance: $-2 (0% acc). My entrance time changes .
    Nice comeback..did you manually shut it? Or did it shut until the news?

    I'll Await the USD News, so far the EU News turns my blue to red, and then the GBP news added the far the balance between W and L is there, let's see how it reacts to upcoming USD news

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    Closed all places from yesterday. 8 winners from 29 trades. Not doing well with effect news from EU, GBP USD. Re-enter with 29 new positions.

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