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    Im currently having an expert advisor programmed, among the features within the expert advisor is a SMS TXT with all transaction details sent to my phone. How do I determine that all transaction details arent something similar, or being sent to HIS telephone also? Im not inclined to post the code on this forum for inspection.

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    Assess for something called the SendMail function.

    Or if he's sending SMS Messages through dll, make certain you only watch your phone number and no additional ones.

    There are 5 other ways I can think about, but it is difficult to describe without seeing the code.

    If you are really concerned about this developer getting the trade details, learn to program it yourself. This programmer knows the system you are using.

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    No watch he really dosent know the machine because I needed him app a range of variables for that purpose. Thanks for your input

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    If you'd be willing to explain those 5 seperate ways Id be willing to pay you.

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    I'm sure it can be figured out by refining the factors.

    As for your 7 manners:
    SendMail SMS dll Website-backend FTP-upload to a server the developer controls dll ftp-upload via dll combined 'super-dll' Since it becomes a lot more difficult to decompile the code, standard guideline, if it employs a dll, you have the source code to this dll.

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    No lol. This method has nothing to do with all the factors Implementation. You need to write a guide people would be willing to purchase.

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    Someone that has no knowledge of Currency Market but is fluent in programming be able to identify any irregularities?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Can someone that does not have any knowledge of Foreign Exchange however is eloquent in programming be able to identify any irregularities?

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