How can I fully automate my egy?
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Thread: How can I fully automate my egy?

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    I'm a UK trader and I've been manually trading a egy I've developed over the past 5 months and have built an indior both for charts and GFT charts. The indior tells me when to get in and I have mended exits based on a particular number of points profit, or reduction.
    I'm delighted with the indior, but fed up of sitting before the pc, just to trade 2 or 3 times every day, so might like to automate it and not need to look at my PC.
    I know I will turn the GFT indior into GFT egy, but I'll still need to have my pc on. Does anybody know of ways that I can turn into a egy and have this sat on a central server somewhere and automatically set the trades on for me (I know I'll need to manage it, and error evaluation, put in several failsafes etc).
    I'd like to trade through a UK broker if possible and I'd like to still trade by means of a spreadbetter (with tight spreads) but might consider going through a normal broker if need be.
    I'm trading major FX pairs along with major indexes only.

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    Gain or will sponsor an EA for you and that I think they have UK offices.

    You'll have to learn to code or hire a coder

    If it had been me I would call, Zen_Leow, Mangnum_Freak, Ronal_Raygun, Fulltime247 that the may do some coding to you when the price is right. Sorry if I missed somebody.

    Best regards

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    Thanks, I'll start with the brokers and determine what they provide, then contact the aforementioned.
    If anybody else knows of another UK brokers, only so I have more options, please let me know.

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