Would it be too much trouble to pay me back my $20,000, my sexy darling?
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Thread: Would it be too much trouble to pay me back my $20,000, my sexy darling?

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    The Market is my beautiful friend. She loves me and wants to take care of me. She offered $20,000AUD of me now she is paying it backagain. That is quite nice of her cause that $20,000 was all I had! I have had a great break from the market while I was busy trying to deal with all of the problems my loan on the market caused me. I scraped together $700 and traded again for the first time in 6 months. I spent 18 months of lurking and studying the threads here. She has started paying me back much quicker than I had anticipated and I'm sorry for doubting she would pay me anything at all!

    EDIT:Since beginning this diary over a couple of years ago I have lost another 10K totaling 30K in reductions to recuperate before I can call myself profitable. I stopped losing money a year ago and have finally stated to achieve consistent gains after four decades of pain and struggle.

    EDIT 27th July 2010
    To save you reading the entire thread, I have collated the eduional posts on my trading egies

    I test from top down with trendlines, fibs, preceding swing points and around amounts to ascertain support/ resistance. I utilize candlestick patterns and some chart patterns. I keep a close watch on retail positioning as a contrarian indior. I read quite a lot of news

    I have two major trading fashions - multiple time period and only time period setups.

    1. Trade bounces of greater time period S/R on lesser time frame


    2. Single time period S/R, chart patterns and candlestick
    https://forexintuitive.com/discussio...news-***. Html

    This entire page shows how a mixture of both types being used simultaneously
    Also I read a lot of news and I have been known to trade releases. Im not really interested in doing these days

    Regrettably there's another egory of trades, revenge, boredom, impatient, hopefull and just plain senseless. These have not helped my cause. Removing the stop to hope that a loser will return has been the account killer every time. Plogy is the most important Element

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    I took this trade at 6.00am NY time(8pm my period )thursday.The commerce is encouraged by the rejection of this lows following the fundamental pivot is analyzed during a retracement. There forms A hammer above the principal pivot. Here is the sort of powerful technical support to the alluring stoch indior sign that I need to take a position.The trade moved against me quite aggressively but the analysis was good and another hammer shaped as price closed back above the core pivot. My goal was consevative, it did not require price to breakout of this station it was in increasing my odds of success. This is the way I increase my odds and acquire most trades. Ive added 10% to my account far this month. I am at $1450 - only $18,550 to go my darling. I am going to explain why 20 - 30 pip trades are worth more than 200 - 300 pip trades and much quicker and easier to get if anyone doesent understand the cash management principle behind it - just ask me

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    I dont post my trades much cause it is pointless but Im making an exception with this one. Yesterday gold had its largest single day drop in three years and I was able to capture the entire move. This is a spectacular trade but quite rare for me so I'm posting it for posterity.

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    And there's no reason why you can not use Oanda as a broker, that supplies micro accounts, which means you can perform MM the right way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Do not make your journey in Forex a love story. Currencies do not love anyone nor despise anyone. Do not be thankfull to a pair nor angry.

    Be glad you're making money
    Wise words about trading and emotion - I only wanted to make my story more interesting to read for anybody who was interested. I took the trouble to check over your stochs guide as I use them along the very same lines and spud and teb. Ive added your 20 and 50 stochs for single time frame trading - Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    And there's no reason why you can not use Oanda as your broker, that offers micro accounts, which means that you may do MM the right way.
    I am really knowledgeable about my current platform and charting package but I was contemplating oanda for the reason you said and I think they have exceptionally tight spreads. Ill look into it . It would be a good idea at least before I have the funds to exchange a miniature lot and would help me protect my profits to date

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    Fantastic job with the recovery, which magic trick did you use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    great job together with the recovery, which magic trick did you use?
    the nearest thing I have to a magic trick is belief in myself
    the rest has been days and weeks of analyzing charts,systems,a few of paid courses and untold hours spent analyzing threads here on ff, within the last 3 years. Flushing $20.000 the toilet was also an excellent lesson

    I use mtf stochastics that I learnt from spudfyre and teb. I trade exchange cable to the chart. I wait for stochs to proceed awry or overbought against the 4hr time frame fad. I have small targets usually only 20 pips even if my stop is bigger since this gives me a statistcle advantage if the time isnt as good as it might have been. The main difference between me and the other men is that I wait to get a break in the direction that I need before I enter. This avoids early entrance until the retracement has finished running its course. I'd love to post a chart but once I click on the add on icon it asks me to get a url address of wherever my pic is and I have no idea what this describes because the charts are in my own documents. If any one can describe the way I go about adding charts in my article that would be great

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    Hi M.A.C.Doug,

    allow me to assist you . U glance through the attachments first. Concerning the url which you're talking of is nothing to do with what it is you are attempting to perform. That url describes, if this pic which you're refering to is about a web site.

    As you said that pic is within a folder/document in your computer, kindly consult below. (if only 1 pic to attach).

    Step by step guide.

    1. Click once Manage Attachments.

    2. Under Upload File from your Computer, next to the empty column, then click once Browse.

    3. Look for the pic which you need to attach. Click the pic twice, upon finding it. Then you'll be attracted back to the Manage Attachments window. Click Upload just next to it. Choose the one near the root file.There are 3 upload. Don't be erroneous.

    4. Wait till it finish uploading. After that, scroll down the Manage Attachments window. In the bottom of it click once Close this window.

    5. Click on Preview Post. If that which are in order, then, click Submit Reply.

    That be all. .

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    Sweet, thanks
    here's a trade I took during the London session using the boxingislife sexy stochastic indior. I do not utilize the 5/8 cross in that system but that I wait patiently for a line break as shown in the chart below. It's merely one more way of multiple time period stochastic trading however I really like this indior because you only want a single chart to trade it. Thanks melpheous for putting me onto the sexy stochastics thread.

    1. Longer term stochs (bottom of chart) show strength is using the bulls by all three stochs above there sign lines
    2. 533 stoch drops and turns back up (middle indior window white and black line)
    3. 3 pip break of this trend line activates my entrance
    4. 30 pip goal set 3 pips below R1 pivot resistance. Stop was put just below the previous swing low for a 2/3 risk reward on the commerce

    this trade was as safe as houses and had recent fundamental support also

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