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Thread: Find number of orders on current chart

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    As I mentioned before, it looks like really near to my goal with a tiny bit of difference. In the event that you or anyone know in programming and can do so for me and for others please allow me to know.

    On the other hand, I need to understand also the possibility of setting alarm when any place closed or opened and if any order implemented. I believe this technique is very beneficial.

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    I am not really a programmer, but I guess I will help with some hint here.

    This can Provide you an idea - so you've got something to work together:

    Inserted Code int OpenOrders; int TotalOrders; TotalOrders = OrdersTotal(); for(int iii=TotalOrders-1;iiigt;=0;Measure --) OrderSelect(iii, SELECT_BY_POS); should (OrderSymbol() = Symbol()) OpenOrders = OpenOrders 1;

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This will count number of buys or sells and print the number of these to your chart. This must be set on the emblem where you have open orders otherwise the count will be 0. Additionally it does not count limit or stop orders until they become a live order. Int NumBuys, NumSells, I; // init int init() //== end init // ---------------------------------------- //| Initialize Order Counting | // ---------------------------------------- int begin () { NumBuys = 0; NumSells = 0; for(I = 0; I lt; OrdersTotal(); I ) { OrderSelect(I,SELECT_BY_POS,MODE_TRADES);...
    Hello Men!

    This is my very first post here ever

    I really would like to see that the nember of buys and sells in my own chart. I am trading FX for years, but cannot programming. Please help me! I was copied this code to an EA, an putted to my chart. But nothing has happend. Perhaps why today is a weekend, and need a open market to demone the number, or what did I wrong?


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