When does the holiday season begin in forex markets?
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Thread: When does the holiday season begin in forex markets?

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    When start the vaion season along with the Forex market will probably be silent?

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    Europeans opt for holydays through July and August, so anticipate low volume trading during those months at least at the eur pairs.
    Since many years I trade, it's what I have experienced.

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    You can look holiday inforexintuitivecalendar , Christmas and New year holiday Will Probably Soon Be long quiet season

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    In my opinion mid June - beginning of September is a holiday time, volumes fall and less individuals trade. Whole summer is holiday time!

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    Identifiion say july- commencing September. Its great when September hits because its almost like back to college buzz.

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    Yeah the xmas season and newyear, theres just one slow season for trading mid july to sept has some slightnoticeable modifiions also.

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    Through June 7, my system averaged 5.2 trades per week.
    Since June 8, it has averaged just 3.8 trades per week, with just 17% as much profit per transaction.

    It's now mid August, and in previous years this slowness has last til early September.

    But it is worth noting that this system (and likely any strong one) is still profitable, rather than really rockier -- only fewer trades with much more breakevens.
    These three months have been the equivalent of 2 weeks trading : -)

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    Aug 10. It ends the trading season with NFP and his pullback. It stats again with a significant FOCM and other news.

    Dec 15 to Jan 7-10. In fact around Dec 5-10 it begins weakening. After new year the first week is off.

    Of course you may chase a few fips, but rather od 60 pip motion it's just 15-25 pip and at virtually random direction. Because of this many account blows, mine too endured a tiny loss rather f a normal huge profit.

    I think it is better to have a break, read a book, browse forums, anything else, just not stress yourself about trading.
    The holiday a part of this job: in some countries they're payed times for a good reason. Recharge your batteries.

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