Emotions (money management)
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Thread: Emotions (money management)

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    the most crucial factor which needs to be considered seriously is cash management ... avoid emotions ... place your limits each times and dont break ... (place TP/SL) on each and every position ... and there is many more ... please add more points because this is the maximum when not the only thing which ought to be taken seriously before even start thinking of placing an order or position ... analyse carefully the market befor doing something....

    Please traders put in more point based on your expertise

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    You should have a discipline like soldiers have. . But it's quite hard for a woman! But I like challenging, so I am in Forex

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    Definitely cut the emotions when trading and FYI, trading on gut feeling is NOT a good idea..esp when you exchange on fundamentals.

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    There are 3 things that feelings comes into play when trading. That is based on my experience.

    1. Being a perfectionist - You can see this all the time in traders, they reduce brief and allow losers run.
    2. Too much cash is on the line
    3. No assurance on trading abilities and trading platform

    Merry X-mas and Happy New Year.


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    It will take a lot of patience and practice to maintain away emotions and anxiety out of trading but clinic that they say makes perfect.

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    Need proper mind set and areas to avoid massive losses and success in this company.

    Here is very great video on Trading The Mindset of Abune. Appreciate


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    Really like the video, thanks to that link. And merry X'mas to everyone onforexintuitiveas well, happy trading!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Love the video, thanks for that link. And to everyone onforexintuitiveas well trading!
    Merry X mas to you as well

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    Avoid feelings @ specify emotions in order to prevent them.
    If fear greed are the scenario, one shouldn't trade in any way.
    Cash management has more to do with management than with cash.

    Winning sadly indies that winning more was the situation.

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    Have confidence in your self and at the trading method used is what's needed to avoid being a victim of your own emotions.

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