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    In my situation I landed on C based on a recommendation by a friend who saw a screenshot of this MetaEditor and said it seemed much like it. So my egy is merely reading through the basics and compare MetaEditor and exit what (I think) is not relevant, right now. I will certainly look up on C#/VB also. Love exploring new things.

    Regarding the trading, me and my joint account holder decided to start manually trading a slow and diversified egy on a 1D TF, while continuing the EA read-up. In a nutshell it is predied on S/R levels and HAS color change. And so much this week finished well up with 7/9 rankings 100 pip (floating) profit.

    Nevertheless, what are your thoughts on leveraging up on good rankings? E.g. what conditions or rules should be put to raise positions which have had some time and movement in a trending market?

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    I have not traded the Daily bars, so I'm not sure what useful advice I could provide. It strikes me 7-9 positions is overtrading - to a 1H TF that's ordinary for a week but on the Daily chart, I really don't understand.

    I concur with leveraging up once you find a prime entry point or the transaction appears to be growing nicely. Others would argue that shouldn't trade anything less than prime, but all of us do. I'm not sure my experience with briefer TF can be useful and its hard to specify. I just have the impression that the market is moving strongly (more than my pair) and I am early in the move. 1 thing to search for is ranging conditions which could indie a new movement is taking place.

    This is another link to a HAS related egy. This is more for my liking than others since he's mainly using HAS for departing and the installation is easy to understand. I have no clue how it will work, but I might spend some time after it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi everyone, first post for me here.

    As the name states, this thread concerns that the Heiken i Smoothed custom indior. I'm curious on how the principles or conditions are set to change the color of the indior(Red/Green for bull-trend and vice-versa)?
    Are papertrading and backtested this manually for some while and it seems interesting for an EA system. Thought's on this, anyone?

    Thanks in advance,
    - The Shark.
    Heiken i is among my favorites too and at one time I knew (or thought I did) it very well. I use it but I don't think much about it anymore. I think I know where you are going with the EA idea and it will not work very nicely in a ranging market. You will get whipsawed in and out of trades especially on the lower time frames. On the higher time frames you've got commerce and risk management problems to contend with and if you can not, you fail.

    I think what is required is something else to be used in conjunction like Moving Averages or Bollinger Bands. There is a discussion group concerning Dean Malone's Synergy egy that includes Heiken i from the next link. The first is another long winded trading group which uses Synergy as part of the egy. That is the best use of this in a method that I'm conscious of. There likely are other HA EAs around also. If I come across them I will post, but now I can not recall where or when I watched them.


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    I think what frankshark was looking for is this:
    Inserted Code // ----- HEIKEN ASHI(SMOOTHED)SIGNAL INDICATOR ----- // HA Smoothed indior parameters (one but final parameter): // when HA candle/bar is RED (market) if HA candle/bar is BLUE (buy) // 0 = figure high 0 = figure reduced // 1 = wick low 1 = wick high // 2 = figure high 2 = body reduced // 3 = figure reduced 3 = body optimal // 4, 5, 7 and 6 are near those values above. To get Max Min values use below code (from 'heikenashi EA 7.0'): // dual hamax_curr, hamin_curr, hamax_prev, hamin_prev; // hamax_curr = MathMax (MathMax (MathMax (HA_2_curr, HA_0_curr), HA_3_curr), HA_1_curr); // hamin_curr = MathMin (MathMin (MathMin (HA_2_curr, HA_0_curr), HA_3_curr), HA_1_curr); // // I have taken aforementioned EA and altered Comment so that it showed values for ha_0 to ha_3, also compared Heiken i // final bar to those values. // To stay from choppy (which range) market one can use something similar to: #define CustomIndiName_1 Heiken i Smoothed extern dual HeikeniDiff = 0.5; ... dual HA2_0 =iCustom(Symbol(),HATF,CustomIndiName_1,HA1Method, HA1Period,HA2Method,HA2Period,2,HAShift); // 2 = body high for market body low for buy dual HA3_0 =iCustom(Symbol(),HATF,CustomIndiName_1,HA1Method, HA1Period,HA2Method,HA2Period,3,HAShift); // 3 = figure reduced for market body elevated for buy if((ha_2 - ha_3) lt; HeikeniDiff) trade_signal = goToBedAndStayOutOfTheMarket; // if body of HA is little, do not trade // I use similar logic for Moving Average and it works just fine - it remains from choppy market: should difference btw. Current MA // and previous MA is little (MA is 'flat'), stay from market. I might be wrong, so check with your code.

    Best regards,

    S adore nia

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