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Thread: Dumb noob searching for trading system...

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    Perhaps not a complete noob but noob enough not to have a trading system that is solid. I am really looking for a 4H or daily system to scrape around 50pips a week out of, not trying to ch everything there is on the table. Very few indiors, upper limit to 3 really, I am willing to understand how to use the system properly, I'm not rushing to trading.

    What does everyone out there exchange for these time frames and the way accurate/successful is it?

    Many thanks Beforehand.

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    Among the best I have seen is in the trading systems segment by OZFx. He's got a daily method that works nicely. Take some opportunity to browse through that thread to find out whether it matches what you're searching for.

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    Well currently I am unemployed so I have time in my hands I like to operate with numbers so that I guess active systems will probably be better.

    I'll have a look at the ozfx ribbon (looks like gallons of coffee is going to be necessary, long thread) as it seems simple enough. Have you ever exchanged this yourself? If so what results did you get from it and how hard was it for appropriate?


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    A trading system isNOT bought its developed. If you believe you've got the shortcut to successful trading you arenot the first person to believe so.so save yourself some heart ache and work your trading system on demo account

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    The one of OZFx is liked by me as well.

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    1 Attachment(s) hello there
    in case you searching for great systems on Foreign Exchange factory then try these at the pict
    those to me are the best here in FF. All of them have different trading styles so you can leanr them all and see which styles suits you the very best

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    As the others have indied, you have to produce your own egy..and do review some of the ones listed online, but just make sure you check drive the lot on a small account. .

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    You donot only wakeup one day and hunt for a trading system online then start trading it and live happily ever after.it will never happen. You need to CREATE your trading system on demo account. That's why they're there.

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    You ought to be careful not to have seduced by martingale systems which are extremely appealing on the first glance. Those systems
    usually don't require any little losses and increase your current exposition. After the very long journey full of trust you achieve margin call.
    I think that it's rather difficult to find working, commercial egy.

    I advice you to assess nice content of mechanical forex blog to grasp entire notion for what you should be searching for.
    Bad news is than good and longtime profitable egies are extremely hard to follow.

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    He DID say, though, that he isn't looking to rule the Earth, yet to make 50 pips weekly. Not unreasonable. But I've yet to see a system that operates without somebody being a severe expert behind it knowing what to do that when something happens that the system doesn't cover.

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