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Greetings to all fellow traders, First of all, I know all the pitfalls of martingale trading style and lots sizing and averaging tactics. And I am completely aware of the consequences of doing so in bad times like moving against trends , or beginning your own buy or sell series at high or low peaks respectively,. However I believe that if you do it in the ideal time it would be very profitable.

If you learn how to trade with the trend and how to trade reversals (aka buy low sell high), that's all of the edge you need. You'll make money in spite of shitty cash management.

In my own opinion, and I repeat, MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION I think that there's not any proven working trading platform nonetheless for retail Forex traders. Logically when there was one, the thread about that egy will be the final thread ever in any Forex forums, such as whats the point of suggesting and looking for more trading egies if we had a HOLY GRAIL in the hand? Unfortunately we do not have that yet, and most likely we wont have it ever. The evidence for that argument is all of the dead threads here inforexintuitiveand other Forex forums about egies that worked at past times for certain periods, and were extremely popular in those times, but simply the time came in which they stopped working. And most likely all of the currently trending and busy trading egies threads and future ones will die out eventually. I am not saying this to knock off any one, but its simply what I think.

You will find working things here, but they're hard and you need a lot of practice to make it work. There never will be a fixed platform, which works all of the time. The working methods are subjective, therefore it's possible to fit it to the current atmosphere. Individuals on this forum look for a determined system requiring virtually no effort by them. That's why they keep running in circles around the forum.

The reason for that is that we as retail traders have missing information and data about the markets. All technical indiors used by Forex traders have been calculated based on historical data, that is it, such indiors do not offer any insight what so ever about future outcomes. Retail traders nevertheless, determined that by combining such indiors together in a specific order, and after certain rules, they can predict future prices or instructions. Well, it works half days, and doesn't work the other half. For example, some traders say that when the price reaches the top band in BB the price should retrace and go south, others say that if that happened it signifies a strong tendency and continues north motion. By taking a look at charts both situations happened at that case, so there's absolutely no method of successfully calling the future motion with a chance greater than 50:50.

You are right, that professionals are in informational advantage to the retailers. Our luck is that they leave footrpints on the chart, so in the event that you know what to search for, you are able to trace them and ride on their coattails. Price and volume contains every info you need.

Also there are a lot of situations, when your odds aren't 50:50. As I mentioned, the trend and the reversals aren't 50:50, one of those instructions is gt;50, other is lt;50. Also trading is not so simple, because even in the event that you trade low probability setups, if you've got a high reward in your winners, it is possible to come out favorable, with more losses than winners.

Prices goes based on ask/demand only. The ask/demand is influenced by economic news, disasters, wars ... etc.. But in the end, its all about ask/demand. We as retail traders do not have such advice nor comprehension. Major banks and governments have them and they control them as per their own egies. Japan would like to dump the Yen value to increase exports, the government takes actions by reducing asking prices, not the so called shareholders. A major bank needs good profits, it pumps the price of a particular currency or exotic in the ideal time and runs with all the profits, well that is not us. Unfortunately, the only method of profiting from that would be to get an insider who provides us with such information before the actual event, not following it. So each of the analysis of why the market moved (past tense) there's useless, the event already took place, it is great to know why and how it happened. But unfortunately its useless advice for traders, what already took place because pf so and therefore, get it over. But, you will find tons of those insiders and people that are in contact of them at the scam department LOL.

You are absolutely right, that the market goes on supply and demand. And retailers have that info readily available as well. As I said, price and volume contains every piece of this information.

The governments and national banks can not care less about the market. Commercial banks are doing the manipulation, but don't think about this as full blown manipulation, much more like only shepherding the price around. Even the thinnest markets can not be continuously manipulated, let alone the currency market. It just doesn't worthwhile. There are opportunites, when it really worth to push on price about. This is when you can make money. Aside from these opportunities, there's simple non-speculative trading going on. If you enter in such periods, you'll get stuck at the trade, since the market retains chopping.

Also regarding the insiders. Yes, there's inside trading, but they price in their information, when they go into the market. In other words, they're just as well observable on the charts. As I said, price and volume.

When it comes to martingale trading fashion, it is the only manner in concept to have guaranteed profits. However, the theory suggests that you ought to have enough capital to do so. The market makers use this technique against us, besides having the spread advantage, they're hedging our trades hopes that we lose and they win eventually. That occurs due to great risks traders undertake in their place sizing, poor money management and reckless averaging tactics. However, when we do martingale correctly, we can change that. These are my thoughts and opinions, and I would love to hear yours. Regards.

You can generate profits with martingale, but you're simply delaying the inevitable. It will not make you any richer, only in concept.