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Thread: EURGBP

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    I've set SELL PO just below Fib 76.4 - Hope she can arrive there to pick up my PO targetting retest FIb 50.0 to 76.4 down. .

    High TL will act as resistance and ideally demanding one. .

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    Your sellimit should have been set @ the UTL, not @ the fibo level you've got there. Stop should have been 15 pips over the UTL, and you'd have caught a few pips on the downward move. This looks like a possible bullish flag to me and the top border is retested after more. We might get another leg down to the LTL. Im not investing EUR/GBP as its too slow to me. Just keep it simple

    edit : no breakout as price failed to close above the top border. Price still within the possible bullish flag

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    past 2 bars still not managed to close above upper TL.
    Current bar are looking again.

    My past 2 day trade resulting 100 -ve pips. .
    I will consider open position once current bar near next 100minutes.
    Breakout - that I will BUY targetting Nov 95 high
    rebound - that I will SELL targetting yesterday non . .

    Pls Trade in Your Risk

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    Redraw top TL. .
    I think bounce we are for retracement. .

    Today will wait to input SELL at highest price I can get and hope for few pips

    So, Trade at Your Own Risk

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    Price still only below upper TL. .
    Me only SELL with quite tight SL only above current high 0.8549 with TP Fib 50.0 Down. .

    Pls Trade AT Your Own Risk

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    Your UTL is drawn erroneous and makes no sense at all meaning its not technically significant. I think you should go through the basic steps one more time

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    My brief burnt with -15pips

    I believe break-out to UP now.

    Now me exactly at upper TL targetting Nov 95 large
    SL couple pips below now low

    So, pls Trade in Your Own Risk

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    I have redraw my top TL and price just above it. .
    If next 4HR pub close above it I might just BUY it. .
    But I believe we can retrace first before farther UP.

    My BUY yesterday on and already in Green few pips

    Thus, pls Trade at Your Own Risk

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    You should stop trading if your doing this on live account. The bullish flag has been broken long time back and your TL's aren't significant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    you ought to stop trading if your doing this on account. The bullish flag was broken long time ago and your TL's aren't significant.
    OK - It is my Live account I exchange base on this particular setup. .
    Why should I Stop once It give me my few green pips I want to?
    I know the word bullish flag but I do not really know what that is . .

    Should I know in particulars this Bullish Flag ? Your word are frightful , make me nervous . .

    Thank you sir...

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