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Thread: EURGBP

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    Will be going short nice bearish gartley shaped on the weekly chart which ties in with all the weekly piviot point R78 really good oppertunity to short news will begin down the down change tommorow 0800 uk time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Lol Anyone contemplating to buy at those levels greater get their brains analyzed. The odds will not be in your favour.
    Selling would have been a bad idea I believe because it went up

    it could still go to 0.94

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    Hello. My long term view on EUR/GBP, in which I am currently short:

    Following the 2-leg move up (yellow on chart) I expect the pair to fix over the next few months. My 1st goal is around 0.78, roughly the center of the congestion area of the 1st half 2016 when EUR/GBP was on its way up, though it could go much lower (pink). Following this multi-month correction, I would anticipate EUR/GBP to resume rising to new all-time highs (green arrows)

    My current trades have roughly a 3-1 expected reward-to-capital at risk ratio, provided in which my SLosses sit at present. Hopefully the pair will continue moving down and let me reduce SL

    I am posted weekly chart. And yes, I am interested by what forces can make GBP , in its current political mess, outperform the EUR! Brexit reversal?? Who knows!

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    Bought @ 0.88530 and added another entry after Euro/Usd presented no indiions of a critical pull-back.
    This asset is in constant divergence with Gbp/Usd so the fact both came down from the 16th is an indior within my perspective of the market.
    Past weekly low.
    Price action on small period, small, but it's there.
    Low risk commerce, S/L at -142 pips.




    Next goal @ 0.87500 with S/L under preceding weekly low 0.87299 to make sure.

    Hoping for a positive GBP news wednesday when Average Earning Index and Iflation Raport Meeting happen

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    Getting short on a sell signal @8848 with second position awaiting at 8858.

    RENKO BRICK SIZE = 6.4 PIPS (10% of 20 ADR)

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    BUY @ 0.88220 - S/L @ 0.88027
    Decided to test out this amount as well, after attractive price action.
    Divergence in relation with GBP/USD has deepend in this pair.
    There's a monthly golden ration at this level.
    Weekly low as support and S/L goal (-194 pips).
    Trade prior FOMC, let's see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Obtaining short on a sell signal @8848 with second place awaiting at 8858. RENKO BRICK SIZE = 6.4 PIPS (10% of 20 ADR) picture
    Booked 32 pips which is good enough for me considering this is such a slow moving currency.

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    Congrats! Yes, it's a slow moving pair but well-priced.


    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Booked 32 pips which is good enough for me considering this is such a slow moving currency.

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    Price action on the pair is working in a descending channel (navy coloured) and currently southward of the channel resistance. There seems to be more space southward, particularly if the support trendline (magenta) on the weekly time frame is broken down.

    Trade thrive and safe.


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