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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This battle pair turned out to be different anyway. However I had a satisfactory long position on GBP/USD. I want to wait for (a few) daily candles within this pair now. I will post positive setups from time to time here. My entrance still @ 0,88807 until weekend near. Enjoy your weekend!
    I simply lose 175 pips guy on GBPUSD. When I brief I post Gbpusd ribbon and asking people is it alright but whatever I simply lost enormous. I'm very disappointed now. But happy for you

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I just lose 175 pips guy on GBPUSD. When I brief I post Gbpusd thread and asking folks is it alright but whatever I just lost enormous. I'm very disappointed today. But happy for you
    Straighten up little soldier! Keep daily improving yourself. Don't ever get frued happening in the markets.
    Also never be dependent on the opinion of different traders...

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    Closed out my EG shorts, I believe there's plenty potential south but I still want the profit so needed to close out regrettably.


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    Maintaining a close watch for signs of change here at the .896/900 level . Expecting a quick and large fall over the next few weeks/months.

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    Its been a very long time nobody posted here I see. I have put a significant sell order at 0.914 and intend to place somewhat more after a test of this peak, just considering the target . 0.87 is in my mind at this time. Is someone else nowadays trading it?

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    Getting in with brief 0.9155 keepin SL pretty tight.

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    0.914 was Busted and it is going up


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    Lol Anyone considering to buy at those levels greater get their brains analyzed. The chances will just not be in your favor.

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    I'm short now. I see the odds are good.
    Distance is about one month.
    I'll see.

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    Be happy when if you brief others are buying.... Their loss, your gain.... That is what makes a market, ....buying and selling

    Simply be sure to take the highly probable side.

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