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    Current Postion - FLAT

    Longs were exited now for a great profit. Trend stays up so we will seem to reset longs on a drive into River which comes in now at 1.4229. Target for the trade comes in at 1.4336 in 107 pips.


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    Current Position - Horizontal

    Longs must have exited now on the spike through 2.0531. The target objective was achieved and traders must continue to exit longs ahead of the 2.0531 level. The trend remains up so we'll look for a very long entry on a push to River which comes in at the 2.0436 level now. Goal for the lengthy trade is currently 2.0531. An opportunity of 95 pips.


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    Aggressive Traders could have the ability to look to begin to build shorts early next week. Look to scale obviously. We'll start looking for the session flow to flip down and installation accordingly with a target at River that currently comes in around 1.4266.

    CAUTION - This is a countertrend exchange for seasoned traders only.

    http://www.rivertheory.com/storage/r...2007 -1200.PNG

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    Dear DRT,

    this is getting more than perplexing and somehow hard to follow. I understand after your return toforexintuitiveyou have witnessed there are a small number of people who turned inside out with joy to see you again and what you are capable of accomplishing.
    Then you moved the postings to the trading area, probably to prevent the questions and interpretations of those who were eager to follow you. So this is on the fringes of okay, but it saves time although this isn't actually a display of fairness.
    But today you've disappeared without a trace again! This might be not the way you and I are supposed to see to the folks onforexintuitiveprepared to learn and requiring some guie. In many newbies there's a hidden good trader, in even more. Our effort should be to let them be able to find out to which egory they belong in the long run.
    Your worth theory trades are a wonderful break-up with all the common rules of TA we find all over this loion. Leaving them with the diper and then luring people is unfair - !
    In your own concept this would be the cheapest ebb-tide on the pair guie/fairness I have seen. The River is dry ... not even a Wadi no more. Which is really a shame. It would be helpful to see you come across using the endurance and a idea to keep it alive!


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