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    Hi! Ive read that large FX players use stop-hunting egies. Can anybody explain how they do it? Thanks
    Try trade having an A book broker or a broker than can supply you with a trade receipt.

    This way you will atleast know that the broker is in your side and has no reason to prevent hunt.

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    People today use 'fake break outs' in their stop losses and justify and rationale it by 'stop hunting' but its only smarter and much more savy traders.

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    It does happen, likely because the market makers need more money in the market to place themselves on the side and generate additional profits for themselves.

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    I try to not blame brokers in my OBVIOUS stop loss placement.

    I mean all of us put the stops at the exact same price....right above/below major/minor S/ of course it can seem like stop searching but its a 'false breakout'

    I try to be creative with my stops. . .never putting them at s/r but % away from current market price.

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    They search stoploss, when they visit large bulk of orders in the price of sl, usually bank hunt stoploss so called market makers.

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