Economic Analysis VS Market Action
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Thread: Economic Analysis VS Market Action

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    Welcome to

    Since I clinic to speculate the market price and correlate fundamental to the intermarket analysis and chart price action correlation think this thread chould be interesting once traders engage to contribute their ideas.
    I encourage all participants to contribute what they know about the economy,intermarket analysis,fundamental ,charts,Currency Market analysis and so forth to join our celebration ribbon.

    Before I begin with submitting my very first post, I wish to put down the ground rules of this thread. I only have a few rules but they will be rigorously enforced.

    1. Vulgarity, personal attacks, mocking, condescending opinions, lecturing, name calling or bullying of any sort for any reason will not be tolerated here. Generally the only acceptable posts are those which provide value to additional posters and I will ascertain whether any such articles meet that criteria at my sole discretion. Obviously healthy, respectful and clean debate is always welcome and encouraged.
    2. This thread isn't a signal service or a trading college. Opinions and information are given publicly by the participants for many varying motives. If you detect that additional posters are trading in a manner that doesn't fit your trading style, or you don't agree with the information that they post, it isn't your place to criticize or attempt to re-edue them unless they've specifically asked you to do so. Everyone has a different style. It's fine to make suggestions to the general audience, but it isn't appropriate to single out any 1 trading system or poster at a condescending way. There are nearly just as many personalities and language obstacles within this thread since there are trading techniques. As such you can't how your communiion may be interpreted. Thus, when posting anything about trading procedures, only say how you can do it rather than the way you think others should.
    3. In the interest of privacy and security for everybody who posts here, divulging your funding balance, profits or losses in any live trading account is very strongly discouraged. It isn't wise for one to do so on any public forums. If you want to inform other traders your profits and losses reserved to balance, you may use aggregate regular pips (or even pipettes), or perhaps you express it as a portion of your capital. The same is applicable to floating profits and losses... pips or percent of funds. Obviously this principle doesn't apply if you're trading at a demo account provided that you make that fact clear to other people while submitting your numbers.
    4. This thread isn't private. Whatever you post here is visible by all net users whether they are forexintuitive members. Furthermore, whatever you post here will be indexed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing etc.. If you know the personal identity of another poster in this thread, you shouldn't reveal it at a public post. Doing so is against the principles of this thread in addition to very disrespectful towards the poster. It may also place the poster at risk of identity theft. In case you've got an issue with any poster which ends in a conflict, you may bring it to my attention instantly without exception. Failure to abide with this principle is cause for immediate temporary suspension from forexintuitive pending a review from the website adminior. A repeat offence can allow you to permanently banned.
    5. According to the forexintuitive principles, any solicitation to/from posters, whether performed via a post on the thread or via personal message is prohibited. Therefore, all articles must have no links to any commercial sites in which you may have any interests. This includes websites that pay you any commission for referrals. In addition you agree to abide by all the other rules and regulations of forexintuitive. It you understand any poster who is conducting any commercial activity, please contact me via private message and I will look into the matter.
    Please follow this principle okay....happy sharing !!!!



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    valid for all those non muslim..hahaha

    for carry trade standpoint NZD buyers will probably soar since 2014 rate and so forth will make investor profit when not from nzd aprreciation afterward it'll be from interest rate different from RBNZ vs BOJ....

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    Because EUR/CHF looks like pretty volatile to the downside...
    SNB will not to highly alert unless 1.21 breach. . .then JORDAN is going to be verbal with extreme determination..huhu

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    Thanks for ur service fren . .thats why I expose this kind of analysis to traders

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    Obama speech today Will Probably be market mover when he Remark about Syria

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    Since I not trade this pair but I think this pair one of the interesting to study about currency behaviour for this time since it hit all time low RBI intervene in currency market to buy rupee
    interesting for people who wish to study n make a reaasearch on currency behaviour, can find it in INR(Indian Rupee)....

    For me. . .to make this rupee higher....RBI should hike rate OR AT LEAST to market their gold reserve and buy back the rupee . . .and to not intervene in forex market. . .this will likely be long term impact. . .since that can make rupee more appealing. .

    (Reuters) - After hitting a record low of 68.85 to the dollar last week, there are indiions that the beleaguered rupee may have entered a period of relative calm. Technical analysis certainly suggests.

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    that is my view on GOLD base on technical facet...

    that is my view regarding euro dollar base on specialized. .

    hope we can talk about it in case u have comment or idea for the transfer soon...

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    COT positioning reveals gold to be very overbought, I believe is much more reliable than stochastic. When big speculative positions are extended to this scope, it typically prevents price from moving higher - if everybody who wants to buy has already purchased, who's left to push the price higher?

    Gold additionally appeals to investors once the risk of US inflation is high - with QE now sure to be reduced shortly and probably finished next year, inflation pressures are easing which makes gold less valuable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    COT positioning shows gold to be very overbought, I think is much more dependable than stochastic. When large speculative positions are extended to this extent, it typically prevents price from moving higher - if everyone who wants to buy has already purchased, who is left to push the price higher? Gold also appeals to investors once the risk of US inflation is large - with QE now certain to be reduced shortly and likely ended next year, inflation pressures are easing which makes gold significantly less valuable. picture
    If qe more qe taper expecttion....speculation indian to sell their gold reserve to buy rupee....risk appetite. . .gold likely will fall in volatility. . .watching. .

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    Since tokyo olympic is a hawish announcement for japan..nikkei coud rise..folow by yen weaken on tommorow..posible

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