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    As there is no genuine major alyst fundamentally, Im going to exchange using the 144 tunnel with an MA 12 lineup on a 30 min. Chart to reveal the direction of my own trend. Im making trades that continue to decide on the -$ trend. I dont think I'll have a good trade to move on until the end of June with the interest rate statement. Or, this week's end could lead to a fantastic installation with the FOMC minutes.

    Personally, I see inflation getting out of control and also see the FED continue to put up rates, however that changes the market sentiment towards the $, I don't know. For now the market is still $ - .

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    Are you trading short term, mid, or long term?

    And can you post a chart on this tunnel set up so we could get an notion of what your proposing.


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    Attached are a few charts. Im going to wait until the opposite side of the tunnel has been breached before considering making a trade. For now, Im just observing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Attached are a few graphs. Has been breached before thinking about making a transaction. For now, Im just observing.
    Okay I see what your doing. Good system. But why limmit into the bear dollar. Why not both ways?

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    I think the news out this week will offer the alyst to push against currencies this tunnel's side. If there is a rally, I will wait until the end of the rally before considering a transaction. I won't trade offset the the $ - opinion. Not yet anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Ok I see what your doing. Good system. But why limmit to the bear dollar. Not both ways?
    I dont want the stress. Lol Id set alerts looking at the currency market from 1 perspective. I find myself seeing my screens 24 hours a day once I begin looking to trade both ways. I prefer to exchange the news, but I think Ill strictly exchange to find out what happens.

    Dont get me wrong. If I see a rally that's the end result of some suprising news, and could be among those rallys that has legs all day Ill jump on it. . .but for now..Ill trade strictly from the charts.

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    Im currently eyeing AUD/USD to get a play. Ill wait to be released to see if the trend starts to bounce of my tunnel.

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    Getting close to my own tunnel. Waiting for it to break farther back my tunnel.

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    Bear in mind that it can also ward off the tunnel and not penetrate it

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    remember it may also bounce off the tunnel, not penetrate it
    allow me to assist with entrance when coming tunnel. . .if you do not mind

    1 min chart make a 55 ema/120 ema tunnel and 8 ema and use it if price nears your tunnel. Same technique as you.

    55/120 minutes ema signifies the 1 min average within 2 and 1 hrs.

    Shhhhh that this method is a secret did I say that out loud?


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