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    New week along with the sport is starting again.

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    Some tiny downtrend in my trading, but it is portion of the game reload and try again.

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    Reduction on this commerce... There was a Rollercoaster on eur/usd.

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    I analyzed my last trades and I saw I closed trades into premature. This must be changed by me. The price must have a room to move up or down.

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    Good Luck Gopixus!
    Cut your losses early and let your winners run longer.
    Glad you're taking action and assessing your previous trades. Many men and women don't do this.
    Biofeedback is so important.

    I am sure you will triumph

    Best of luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Good Luck ! Cut your losses early and let your winners run more. Glad you assessing your previous trades and are taking action. Many men and women fail to do this. Biofeedback is indeed important. I am certain that you will succeed Best of luck!
    Thanks for your great word. Fantastic luck with your transactions!

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    The situation about my transactions is not awful but it's time to adhere some golden rules from today:

    - Each trade needs a minimum 2:1 RR
    - Do not shut trades into breakeven, let them run into profit or loss, commerce must have room to move (simply set and forget)
    - All transactions based on signs on daily candles

    It's a new month and new enegry to trade!

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    Today I will begin trading. I know that I could do regulary profit. It is time to stick to the egy and patience go with egy.

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