Trying to improve EA by coding
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Thread: Trying to improve EA by coding

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    I can not code.
    3 Years Back, I have developed with the help of a programmer an EA for MT4. It was good initially. But 3 months after it went.
    I think it is possible to enhance the sistem but I would require the help of individuals who can code.
    Anybody interested?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi, folks! I can not code. I have developed an EA for MT4. It had been good at first. But 3 months later it went worse. I think it's likely to improve the sistem but I'd need the aid. Anyone interested?
    If you talk about the principles, and it seems powerful, we can provide a go.

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    Many individuals will be prepared to assist you if your explanation is as great as the one described below under thread.

    Attempt to provide elaborate rules.

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    Hello, people!
    Thanks a lot for your answers. Apologize for my delay.
    Beertje, and chandan655, I am sharing the rules of my EA in attachement under

    The EA itself runs nicely. No problems using the code. A chess programmer, a guy that was very intelligent, after my signs made EA. 26 variations of EA were created. We worked together since february 2015 to will 2015. The developement is added in attachement.
    Initially, results were rather great. The best results were in the first 2 months (forward test demo). It's doubled the equilibrium of my demo account with 21 Foreign Exchange pairs. It means countless trades that are positive. EA can work at any amount of Foreign Exchange pairs. It's been probed at myfxbook (forward test) for 3 months in 2015 and utilizing MT4 egy tester (backtest). Since backtest results were great in some pairs but bad results in other people, we tried to add some filters (correlation filter, structure filter...) to improve the outcomes of backtest. Each new version was introduced in testing mode. But EA went in forward test in the previous month,even though introducing diferent filters turned EA quite heavy (gt;3000 lines), but the problem wasn't fixed with the filters. Hence that the dilemma is another.
    However, since outcomes weren't finally as expected, the programmer abandoned the proyect. But I am convinced it's possible improve the EA and that the logic of EA is quite nice. I believe I've identified. The problem is in position management's rules. I believe I understand how to improve the EA. But the help of a programmer is necessary.
    So here is my EA. It can be proven by you.
    Please, read text files
    that I?ll try to answer all your aditional questions. Results will be published here. Best regards.

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    EA variant has expired. Not able to backtest.

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    Okay, TraderTero, I will repair the issue.

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    The problem is in the rules of position management
    What changes are you going to do?

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    I have read your document, it is easy to solve about
    when the open operation reaches favorable earth and returns to negative territory for more than 4 hours, that surgery must be closed at market price. .
    The only issue is specify how much pip that reaches favorable earth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I have read your document, it's not difficult to fix about if the open performance reaches positive earth and contributes to negative territory for over 4 hours, that operation must be closed at market price. . The thing is specify how much pip that reaches earth that is positive.
    It may be defined as a function of volatility. I.e., if position flip positive 0,2 Daily ATR and turns negative 4 hours, then close position at market price

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