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    At the first case, I attach SPX M5 Chart and which reveals what seems a clear 5 waves down (possibly complete but unsure about that). If correct we should get a three leg pull-back before another push.

    Second, my Grand Plan didnt work out too well today. Things got a bit although I chased my tail trying to regain it and left a loss. I may squeeze a trade in prior to the Month endings (90 mins) but improbable and my statement is complete for the month.

    My Diary reads a predetermined number of3170 and Floating Amount at #-36

    Daily Profit (April) = #51.40 (approx 1.7%)

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    forexintuitiveappear to have moved this thread to Trading Journals.

    I placed it in Discussion to promote discussion.

    Replies and Responses are welcome regardless.

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    May Month Commences.

    SPX appears to have done as expected but I think it still shaped just one wave down. Therefore, I expect a important 3 leg pull-back. The Fibo. Levels should be mentioned for confirmation because the next wave (once they complete and if the assessment is right) may be bigger than the one previous.

    My Diary is now reading #3170 and #-21 Floating.

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    SPX - Today's move up is extremely bullish and that I side-line my ideas that another wave down will accompany somewhere inside the Retraction Range of the former move down, for now. I shall wait for more confirmation

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    2 days of Battle and I am back to the financial highs of last week.

    Now was profiting from Euro/Dollar selling and SPX scalping.

    I am open-minded about SPX but remain Bearish in Euro-Dollar and together with all the goals on the chart in opinion. All places on this pair are closed and some pull-backs are expected by me so I'm not wanting to express any opinion for the time being.

    My Dairy reads: #3170 and # 6 Floating (towards the upcoming full #10 Gain lock-in value).

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