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    I dont understand about You men but I'll share my Diary / Journal method, because it is effective and easy.

    I NEVER account for the Reasons or Logic.

    I make a Note of the previous FULL #10 gain and lock it in so that my Diary shows like the previous BALANCE round number attained. EG (as present, #3150).

    Then, I make a note on each trade of this financial loss or gain where I'm in connection to the following #10 Parameter. EG -5, 7, -25.

    I will not amend the Round Number into a lesser one than the maximum point attained. This instantly shows me exactly what work I have to do in order to regain any short-falls and losses and also what I have to do in order to get to the next Balance Degree.

    Therefore, my Diary Journal is actually only a series of entries on what is almost just like a Shopping List and is constantly pushing me into the next #10 target. Once established I then update the Monthly Profit to the upcoming complete and begin again.

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    I am Scalping Long and Short at this rate that sharing incremental isn't practical. Price action stays range-bound in SPX and so possibly further downside is warranted and to be expected.... But not guaranteed.

    Meanwhile, I struck a new Monthly High in realised profits and my Diary reads today as #3160 and Floating in 7.

    My Method of Accounting could be weird to some, but for me it keeps me onto the Ball and matters simple. In practice, if I create #100pm then I am on target to achieve a reasonable yearly gain of 40%. Being used to 20% before charges on most decent equities type contracts (retirement and Oics and ETFs) this means I have an Out-performance factor in my favour.

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    SPX may extend and become perhaps an afterthought Horizontal and push towards the next Target (in Black).

    I'm flat for today.

    Daily performance is good and new levels attained.

    Diary reveals new Balance of3170 and Floating at 1

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    SPX may be facing a new low.

    The Triangle from the Bigger Picture suggests CAUTION around the Lows and the Base Line of the Triangle (or above it).

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    I am out for now.

    Price action is too choppy to acquire a reliable and robust signal today.

    I will see today a debate to proceed either way but given the time of day it is best that I wait for later or tomorrow morning and take matters from there.

    Profitability has been good considering the circumstances.

    Monthly Performance Demones that and my Diary reaches #3170 and Floating in -1

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    Thursday 26, 2018 ~ Great Morning!

    SPX is painting an odd picture. The Triangle may be complete. I would like to believe it will have more drawback but we might be facing the early phases of a new Impulse which would expect a new all-time high and so there is plenty of scope but not much chance to make a decision at this point.

    Meanwhile, my Diary reads: : : #3170 3

    Requiring just around a further #10 will achieve my #100 monthly gain target so I guess I am able to be patient when I'm in a position to be individual

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    Apple, Facebook and Google all appear vulnerable to further declines and thus it not so easy for me to have too Bullish in my bias nonetheless....

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    I took two or three small profits but the ideal move for today appears in SELL. My Cease is at the top.

    Somewhat 50/50 but we can not sit here all day watching, can we?!

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    It has been an eventful day.... In certain ways. My lower abdomen is painful and if that is not bad enough upon a minor trump I made a deposit that is dirty in my pants! This is not something that occurs normally and I won't ever mention it

    Trading took a back seat and which was a bit lacklustre too using an abysmal Money Come, Money Go Syndrome.

    Diary reads #3170 and 4 Floating.

    Friday and Monday next will be the last two trading days of April to compose the few pounds required to accomplish the Goal figure.... In case my internals are around it

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    I can not be so confident I can safely presume Wave E of this Triangle at a senior level is complete. If not we need another Zig-Zag down towards the bottom line of the triangle.

    However, I think we're in a situation where SPX (at least one and others likely too) can be in the first stages of a Major Transfer to a new one time High.

    With this in mind, I've established a fairly infrequent but effective adapted Fibonacci Fan but with the sections at 10 percent for the purposes of determining pull-backs and also stops for the expected Trend .

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