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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I'm afraid I don't understand the explanation of this egy. If your day begins at 5 pm ET the very first bid/ask that trades at 5 pm constitutes the high/low of this day. Every move after that will make a new high or a new low -- how else could you decide whether it is the high or low of the evening? If we are looking for DAILY high/low, what difference does it make if we are about the 1 hour chart or the chart? On chart the price is going to be the same, in case it is the high/low of this day it also is going to function as high/low of this hour and the minute. You mentioned placing RSI and the MACD on the chart, but you did not explain what we are supposed to be on the lookout for with those oscillators. What are you currently up to Merlin?
    vdeluca, you caught all three of win the prize

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    Hi Merlin,

    I was wondering why you mentioned MACD and RSI as you did not explain how to use it in the principles cited (or maybe I didn't get it).


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    If you don't place the MACD and RSI in your chart that the brokers will never understand where the low or high for your day are suppose to be on their charts

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    If you do not place the MACD and RSI in your chart the brokers will never know where the low or high for the day are suppose to be in their charts
    smart guy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    If you don't put the MACD and RSI on your chart the brokers won't ever know where the high or low for the day are assume to be on their charts
    I truly don`t understand what did you said...

    Second thing.Merlin,fine joke. . .tell us the following one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi Merlin,

    I had been wondering why you cited MACD and RSI as you did not describe how to utilize it in the rules mentioned (or maybe I didn't get it).

    I think this here is a riddle people, not any rather system. Watch at the top of Merlins post there it says Euroriddle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I finally discovered the amazing scalping egy I have been searching for all my life!!!!

    Gt; set stop loss of 15 pips and a profit target of 25 pips.

    The machine operates fabulously Merlin. The one mistake you made that is so obvious I am really surprised you missed it's that you don't require any stop loss. When the high or low of the day has been hit there is zero possibility of a loss greater than your spread in the event that you close before the afternoon is over.

    Additionally a refinement I came up with makes this method much more profitable. Just use the exact same technique for exit that is used for entrance. If you enter the high exit in the low. If you enter the low then just exit in the high. Duh!! This technique backtests about 1500 percent more profitable allowing for slippage.

    You just believed it is the best system. Now it truly is the system . . No pips are missing whatsoever!!!!

    The one thing you left out is the method you've already been using to determine how I could know when the high or the low of the day has been hit. Someone else said every movement is the new low or high of the day but that is far from authentic. It might be the high/low of this day so far, or it might be an inside move, however if the day begins at 5 and ends at 4:59 low and the high of the day will be the extremes within that period. Post that conclusion method you use with this system and we're off -- trading our account daily. I have tried a few things but had limited success so far.

    In my enthusiasm I got rather stupid thinking I had the response and when I called the newspaper to negotiate a special deal where I would get them to bump up me in the queue and then send the upcoming days news each day before and they laughed at me. How awkward. Turns out it would take two days for them so it wouldn't work, to send it . Anyway please send me your indior or whatever it's before I embarass and come up with any ideas that are dumbass myself like that.


    PS. In a stroke of what I first thought was, well just general brilliance, I tried setting the computer clock each day before fool the computer into thinking it was tomorrow but it didin't work because now I had been trading tomorrows info and did not have an indior to find out the high or low of tomorrow except by 4:59 when it had been too late to set the trade. I figured I need to set it a day behind but did not work either because I couldn't change the date on the dealing channel to function on data together with my charts. I called the MM to see if they'd change the date on my own dealing station so I could exchange with yesterdays data because I already had a formula for receiving the high and low of yesterday and the guy said it seemed like a fantastic thought and the line went dead then. I am not sure he'd me seriously though because he did not even ask for my account number. Hard to soar with eagles when you need to rely on rats to get anything done.

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    Did you backtest your system?

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    Interesting Merlin. Does your egy have guarantee on additional currency pairs?

    Happy trading!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Interesting Merlin. Does your egy have promise on currency pairs?

    Happy trading!
    This egy apperantly operates on some pair, CableRiddle, SwissyRiddle, YenRiddle

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