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Thread: Bitcoin technical analysis

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    Ok, very expierenced trader just told me be careful with shorts, so now large boys are amassing long positions. They couldnt get in at 17000, so tehy lowered price to take BTC from startled crowd. He said to shoot longs below 13500.
    How can they reduce the price if they couldn't get in?

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    They want flat to collect, not large candles on daily chart

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    they need flat to accumulate, not big candles on daily chart
    Thus did the big boys have a significant Bitcoin holding at reduced prices? If so, why don't you unload it lower and accumulate cheaper?

    The volume is pretty low to the futures market so very doubtful short sellers have had some impact.

    The price is derived from the unregulated trades. Since they are nearly all closed for new regiions, it seems like money is draining out of the crypto market. Almost $120 Billion per week searching at

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    Big boys want to load now, and journey to 20000. Look also at fundamentals, cnbc and fox company boosting again btc, ameritrade ceo, jimie dimon, really liitle chance for bear market

    Inside my picture, yeah, lets ride, however... you see what someone would like to show for you... Sell your stuff. . But I will take long only when price will crack channel, even my friend knows better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Closed longs @ 13.6k. Gonna wait and see what happens. I'm kinda expecting it to go over 14k Edit: anyone noticed the concealed bullish divergence on Daily chart?
    Printed 14.2k and moved down again after that as expected. Where will the price go? Looks frightening for the bulls the way

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    I think BTC will still be going down but I do not know about ETh though. Any opinion on it?

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    Quiet day for bitcoin. Or will be the calm before the storm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Unusually quiet day for bitcoin. Or is the calm before the storm?
    I believe its quiet before the storm. It might race up to 16K or 17K today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I feel its quiet before the storm. It could race up to 16K or 17K today.
    U have open longs currently? Or just waiting? I have shorts open but hedged against more longs. Hmm. .

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    I am stretching my imagination too far...? time will tell. IMHO, Possible bullish deep crab at the making

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