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Thread: Bitcoin technical analysis

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    There's a very good Adviser on his name is Clem Chambers if you read All of his articles and Then compare it to the charts to when it happened you will find that his analysis is always Correct

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    There is an excellent adviser on his name is Clem Chambers should you read all his articles and compare it to the charts to if it occurred you will find that his analysis is obviously true
    Oh yea, Clem Chambers
    In May he wrote This really is actually the ending (for cryptocurrencies) when the price was about $2000 In August he printed part 2 where he reiterated this. Price was$3500.
    At September at roughly same price he composed that bitcoin crashed twice. Does this analyst can tell the difference between collision and correction?
    In November he predicted that Bitcoin can go no higher than $10000.
    And besides this he advoed Yelp as next Amazon or Netflix. For the entire year yelp revealed a stellar functionality from $41.53 to $42.85.

    Alway right

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    If Kaspersky laboratory says that shitcoins are ways to USA, Canada and UK secret solutions to fund terrorism and covert operations on the planet, this man didnt played it directly
    Title Kaspersky is spelled F. S. B.

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    The large Elliott picture of Bitcoin along with the count of the last correction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The large Elliott picture of Bitcoin and also the count of the last correction. Sixer image image
    hello sixer. Nice analysis! I concur with your perspective but thru another method.

    Swing trade long btc with min target of 18000 region having potential to 35000. Time frame is approximately 4-5 weeks.

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    Strap on your seat belts and Prepare for another dive

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Strap on your seat belts and prepare for another massive dive
    Thank you for your in-depth analysis, though I believe I will adhere to trusting individuals who post with analysis on price or sentiment. Generally, this still looks favorable for me. Worst case we get one more dip ahead of new highs, so I'd rather not try and call a floor just to miss out on potential gains.

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    Fundamentally it is true of futures traders looking to make a quick profit, compared to the rest of the world looking for a place to park its devaluing savings (besides US treasuries and equities).

    One group is playing for fun, the other for survival. The main risk to bitcoin is additional coins. If they're all plunging now they will all grow later.

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    Howdo you guys t rbitcoin and what's thebroker to utilize ?

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