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Thread: Auto Support-Resistance Levels Trading

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    Hello everyone!

    I use this system for quite a very long time. It has approximately win rate. I want to share this and we could build an EA later.

    Small S1-S2-S3-P Level-R1-R2-R3 (Main Levels)
    Large S1-S2-S3-P Level-R1-R2-R3 (Extended Levels)
    Green is per week pivot. Attention should be paid by us .

    Levels change automatically every day. Pay attention to whether there is a significant news or not. It is better no news about. You may apply it to all pairs silver, gold and CFDs .
    This system is also good for scalp (5-10 pips)

    Entry Rules:
    1. Await the Support-Resistance Levels/Zones. (on 5-15-60 min chart)
    2. Look back to the price action Support-Resistance zone.
    3. RSI level has to be between 20-30 or 60-80. (Multitime check by RSI monitor)
    4. Just take the trade. (it is better of price to float out of the light sea green bands.)
    5. TP is the nearest S/R level. (Min 25 pips each transaction)
    6. SL is the nearest S/R level. (Max 20 pips each transaction)
    7. Once you choose the transaction, if there has been an arrow for your profit direction, it is possible to go further with it to get more profits. (Arrows repaint sometimes.)
    8. Get SL to breakeven when it reaches 25 pips

    Here is the indiors and template.

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    Hello TheBestMA

    bevor refresh

    after refresh

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hello bevor refresh picture after refresh picture
    that I couldnt understand your problem. Refresh what? You mean repaint?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I couldnt know your difficulty. Refresh what? You mean repaint?
    No Problem for me.
    Maybe its some thing wrong in the Code? You can not make Backtest on Chart. Its potential in the Strategytester, without sterile.
    I think especially novices ought to be aware of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote No Problem for me. Perhaps its something in the Code? Backtest can not be made by you on Chart. Its just potential from the Strategytester, without refreshing. I believe novices should be aware of that.
    This is not an EA, so yo can not make any visual backtest, as you said, using egy tester or simulation you may examine the machine.

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    You see that I am already registered here because 2011 and I trade since 2008. So I understand this is not an EA. In my 10 trading years I have already seen and tried countless egies, EA's, indiors and scripts.
    Using an visual backtest, I supposed to drag the indior on the chart and then scroll back to make a visual backtest. This is not feasible with this indior, because when he is freshly attracted to the chart that he appears different from when he had been about the chart from the beginning. But if you drag the indior on a chart in the egy tester, then run the egy tester, then scroll back, then you can perform a backtest of the entrances and exits.
    An visual backtest is just one of older days when you did not have a egy tester yet. This doesn't have anything to do with an EA
    I hope you know now what I am talking.
    Sorry for the english, its not the ideal.

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