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Last updated: 24th October 2017

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Trading the Currency Market markets is not a 100 meters hurdles race with hurdles every 10 meters, but a marathon race with hurdles every 100 meters.

I have created a short eBook using the fundamental rules on the best way best to exchange supply and demand imbalances. This book contains the fundamental rules discussed in this thread's tens of thousands of articles. You must know these rules before you can start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. The book alone is useless, it contains links to videos and webinars you should watch. You also need to read the articles in this thread. There's much more to this eBook, it will get you started on demand and supply and from there you can decide if demand and supply is how that you want trade and find out further by focusing on the imbalances alone.

The book indies the rules in a coordinated way, but remember you must do your homework by watching the videos and reading the articles in this thread, this doesn't function like the Matrix movie, there's absolutely no cable you'll be able to plug into your neck and also learn how to exchange, there are no shortcuts.


Once you've downloaded the video this is the assignment you need to do if you would like to understand how these demand and supply levels are made and why they hold.

HOMEWORK YOU Want TO DO: Each week you will receive on your email a series on possible trade setups based solely on demand and supply, Forex, Stocks, Indexes and Commodities. Read the articles here in this forexintuitive ribbon Watch the free standard videos and webinars on demand and supply for Subscribe to the channel to be informed of brand new videos. and templates for Metatrader 4 A couple of RULES YOU NEED TO FOLLOW IN THIS THREADThis thread deals with fundamental supply and demand rules, you will find more advanced setups but they won't be posted in this thread because we only take care of basic rules to assist you understand demand and supply No indiors are permitted on the graphs, no CCI, no Bollinger Bands or EMA crosses, you name it. . .none are permitted, just those in the basic template Timeframes lower than H4 are not permitted. You can not post timeframes like H1, M30 or reduced, just H4, D1, weekly, monthly and greater are permitted No reference to additional approaches are permitted. This thread deals with demand and supply imbalances, nothing else No hyperlinks to external sites or videos are permitted No ads No offensive articles dishonouring adminior, its function and people of the readers of this thread. If you are the typical man that writes his initial articles dishonouring the work being doing without even reading this original post, You'll Be ignored and prohibited from this thread If you break any of these basic rules, your user will be discounted, no questions asked.

TOP DOWN ANALYSIS AND Possible SETUPS POSTED IN THIS THREAD The potential trade setups in this thread require a top down evaluation of three or more timeframes, a trading decision can't be made based solely upon one timeframe You must know what an imbalance is and place them into context in a larger picture tendency using three or more timeframes. An investigation done on EURUSD on the daily chart is not enough if you don't place that interval and its own imbalances into circumstance. Price will continue to move in either way, you must redo the very best analysis and bear in mind that the circumstances might have changed, an otherwise higher timeframe imbalance might be in management and invalidate the lower period imbalance entrance. For instance, a daily requirement zone will be invalidated in a new weekly level was reached. Please, make sure that you practice the backtest the fundamental rules over a long time period (at least 6 months) before you start paper trading, after that 6-9 more months paper trading before you start trading a tiny live account.

If you would like to have the most recent supply and demand rectangle extender index's version and the default templates, then please on the right side of the page. You will receive and email at end of the process with the downloading link. Ensure that you watch the videos on how the indiors work.



If you're interested in attending a free live webinar, please fill out this form:
Webinars are held after every 1-2 months weeks depending on my availability and also where on earth I am.


Those who've been following my thread know how hard I have worked to try and assist you. It all started like a simple trade diary, but from the blue in less than 4 months it became something very different to what I had originally created it for. The ribbon had grown to such an extent that I could have not imagined.

This thread is not a trading diary any more; it#8217;s a meeting point to help traders understand how supply and demand works, assisting them to understand the forces which govern both markets and our lives.

I'm really glad that many of you're interested in understanding how the marketplace works. However the simple fact is that the ribbon had started to absorb my life, my spare time, it took me a great deal of time to handle not just the ribbon but responding to dozens of daily private emails which hit my inbox. The amount of emails I was getting in the was increasing and that I couldn't cope with this.

Life is karma, life is a boomerang. Anything you do in life, it will be returned to you 10 times larger. This ribbon is changing my life in many ways, hopefully it will change many others as well, the emails I receive every day move in that way as well.

I am very happy and proud to have received such a huge welcome and all the private messages I get every day speak by themselves. I will not refer to some of them; people who've written to me will know what I am talking about. I have had to take an important decision if I want to keep on helping you along with other traders. I had been requested by a few members to make a personal area, I believed it was the best choice to choose, both to assist others in a more organized way (FF is great but it's far too many constraints) as well as letting me get my spare time again while retaining intact my passion for assisting others.

Other things have occurred that have forced me to take this choice. Many won't like this notion, some will hate me (I do not know why because I did nothing to them) others will enjoy it. I can not make everybody happy, I don't lose any sleep over it, this is how life works, I won't try to change such a primitive instinct.

What I am trying to do today is developing a that trade by precisely the exact same set of rules, preventing dealer's minds from becoming clouded with distinct and/or similar tactics to the markets. The community is a subscription-based forum at which any significant dealer is welcome when his attitude is stagnant and humble. If you're patient and willing to learn then you will be welcome. The subscription is a filter, a free community would be just impossible to support.

Trading is all about placing your emotions aside to keep them from impacting your trading decisions. That is what the private area is all about, forgetting and setting.

As most of you know, I'm also a photographer, it is one of my main passions. I have created a brand new Instagram account for people who would like to see what I do, I am mostly shooting timelapse photography from the places that I travel around the world, and today aerial photography. If you want to know what I do, please follow me at

When the idea appeals to you and you're serious enough, you will be welcome at:
Mail is the best method to reach me for a speedy answer. Http://
I shall always do my best to give free support on this thread, but bear with me, place yourself on my sneakers.

The gap is enormous. This thread is just dealing with fundamental supply and need ideas and theories, the community deals with more advanced top down evaluation, it is better organised with Various channels and egories for Just about Any asset, Forex, Stocks, Commodities, Indexes, Energy and Metals, etc, in Addition to undivided support to the serious dealer who Is studying the principles provided on this thread free of charge but still require confirmation time to find out from fellow traders all following the exact same rules and egy without having their understanding clouded by different approaches.

View this 10 minutes to find out about the community. We place trades prior to the fact, that is, they are planned way before they happen.

Take a look at these live trade installations on CADJPY NIKKEI INDEX DAILY LONGS:

The following 15 minutes shows how explain two of the most recent Daily long installments we shot in the dependent on the principles laid out within this supply and demand thread. One of those transactions, CADJPY D1 long had been shown quickly in the last webinars, we did not go through it because we were going through the realignment principles, however I held one and it was a really wonderful runner.

This movie shows how all pieces of the puzzle fitting together to provide top odds entries based on the rules set most of you are aware of by now.

This movie shows the, these transactions are suggested way before they happen and clarified in detail. In one of these, CADJPY D1 long, the member that spotted it didn't take it at the end because he believed too much and added a new rule that isn't a part of the present set of principles. Myself and many others took it, so we got a wonderful winner, sadly he didn't, but he learnt the lesson.Monthly and Weekly areas of demand in control, what to do? Proceed. Shorts forbidden Trades were posted prior to the fact, that is, way ahead of the transactions occurred and explained more or less detailed and discussed if there are doubts concessions are posted by myself and other members as you may notice in the movie The community isn't a sign support, we all would like to learn how to fish rather than be fed with fishes We all help each other discussing the nuances of this supply and demand rules and price action that will help us loe high-risk trades. Many of them are going to be declines, but who cares? Probabilities work like that Others assist by Helping code new functions and tools, some with other abilities, it is exactly what a community is all about

If you are making consistent money then there is no reason to combine. But if you see that the potential to earn money trading but for some reason can not earn money trading then there are other problems in the office like trading program, emotions, a fix set of principles, other traders supporting you, etc.. This is where you might get your questions addressed entirely the assistance from all over the community, it is like a family. This thread has taken me so much of my spare time that there is no choice but to do it this way. Nobody is forcing anyone to join. We are just like minded traders filtered to a serious forum analysing the same way. The support is there to keep you on course.

The free info is right below on forexintuitive, there's all you need to know about to find out the basic principles on the best way to trade supply and demand amounts and imbalances. Read it and apply it. Simple.


Back testing on Metatrader 4 or any other appliions that currently shows you that the upcoming candles is mostly useless, ahead testing is the way to go. It's possible to use Forex Tester 2 appliions to do it, it is the very best testing appliions on the market in my view. Once you've tested these principles or any other principles for MONTHS (not months of data, however months of work on your side), ONLY THEN you will gain confidence trading these principles or some other egy you decide to trade.

It's just impossible to organize each lesson and subject in a single vertical thread such asforexintuitivedoes, just impossible. I can not create a FAQ because there are so so many things to pay it would be an overwhelming task I don't have any time for. That is the reason you must take your time and forward test these principles or any other egy's principles you would like to exchange with, using a software such as Forex Tester 2 for 3-4 months, a couple of hours per day using Forex Tester 2 will provide you all that you need to understand, but most traders don't wish to forward evaluation, they consider it a waste of time. They do not realize that it is the most effective tool they have at hand to feel positive about any trading principles and finally becoming full time profitable traders . Traders feel the urge to trade with no assurance of months of ahead testing, what's the result 99.99% of their time? Blown up accounts!

You need to do your assignments, nobody can do it for you. Go at your own pace and ahead evaluation, you may observe many things that you can not see now. If you aren't willing to devote a few months ahead testing the notions on this thread or some other egy, then you shouldn't be considering being a dealer, you will mostly likely have the same doubts and gaps always.

What's going to happen after let's say per week of ahead testing the principles?
There are just two possible results:You perhaps find that the principles work pretty well and you are receiving a wonderful % success ratio and you'll STOP ahead testing. MISTAKE . A week of ahead testing is NOTHING, if you stop so soon you aren't getting the point. If you ever started to study a career in the University, did you quit studying and making exercises once you read the first book? You did not you spent a minimum of 5 years analyzing, and also after 5 years of university you finished the livelihood and you know NOTHING, because you don't have any practical experience. Life is like you will see no progress and believe that the principles do not work and will bypass this thread and move to another one. This could probably happen, but it will happen to you on any egy. You have to believe in the logic of their principles and also the nature of the markets and supply, because demand and supply governs the markets and our world. Take your time, spend a few months ahead testing, ask your doubts, don't despair! I am always encouraging you to forward evaluation any Forex trading principles because in my humble opinion it is the only real way to get confidence and become consistent trading some principles set, be it supply and demand, EMA crosses, Fibonacci, you name it. It's just the way it is, do not believe what I do or say or what anyone else do or say, do it yourself. Step to the believe stage of your trading and get the most from your marriage with the principles you'll be embracing, it is the only way. Your ideas are bodily, but you need to work very very difficult to make them become real.

The following video shows you the way I look at demand and supply in a more thorough way, candle by candle, you'll hear me describing price action in detail.

The only thing we have to prevent us from blowing up our accounts is:Our principles and trading plan Our Stop Loss Remember these principles could be extrapolated to other timeframe combinations I am personally focused on swing and position trading for my entries for one reason, it is not merely trading but a way of life. The majority of us wish to get a life other than being in front of a monitor all day, H4 and D1 levels assist you attain that goal as well as helping you become individual. It'll be worth 1 million times.

YOUTUBE VIDEOS ON SUPPLY AND DEMANDYou can view the movies in my YouTube channel: Subscribe to my YouTube channel if You Would like to be automatically notified of new movies being posted I've created my own templates and a very important and useful Metatrader index to draw my rectangles and extend them to current price, as well as calculating the number of pips at the rectangle, it will also draw trendlines mechanically on the greater timeframes's D1 and WK supply and demand areas so you can see where you are in the curve whenever you are on the reduced timeframes.

You'll have the ability to download most of Metatrader indiors and the template I use. I'll use the same template consistently for all my posts here, which is how I trade. I would like that in the event you post any graphs, you do it according to this template and indexes I've attached, by using the easy methodology clarified below. Why the exact same template? If we all do it the exact same way, then we can help each other, because we'll be basing our conclusions on precisely the exact same methodology. Having different graphs with different colours and indexes, dozens of lines painted all over the graphs making it bloated, won't allow all of us to view price action as explained in the ribbon.

Quote Originally Posted by ;
I am not an OTA graduate, never took a class with them. All I've learnt has been taken in the Internet at no cost, many forums, accessible free videos by Sam Seiden and other supply and needs sources on Internet, as well as a good deal of common sense and logic. Anybody who puts a lot of hard work can possibly achieve that also, not just me. I've just taken the time to market my own ideas, work difficult back-testing and ahead testing the markets. I've written my own indexes, my own trading program and my own rules (a lot of them are common-sense, I did not invent the wheel), and shared it with other traders, nothing else, that easy. I have to say that I've managed to achieve this thanks to Sam Seiden's OTA free movies and other teachings which can be found on the net, as well as other Supply and Demand traders on the market on several forums. Without it, I would not have been able to achieve this. Supply and demand is.

The verbiage and sentences used during the forum may seem familiar to you in the event that you've taken eduion which have any of the supply and demand eduional businesses, there is no use to use different terminology, a fresh level is a fresh degree, a rally and a drop is a drop, fresh and new, the curve, and the altitude, the range, overbought, oversold. I didn't invent those terms, they're only widely used by many eduors and supply and demand traders.
I will be posting some of my trades, good and bad ones onto this thread. I will explain my rationale for my exits and for my entries. Hopefully others will be helped with my thread, which is one of those two only reasons I'm writing it. The 1st one is really to assist others, the 2nd one would be to help me become more consistent with thinking out loud in the form of a thread, this will help me become even more consistent after my own set of rules.

Recall this exact important matter: the further indiors you use in your charts, the more rules you'll need to add to your trading program. Adding an indior implies you'll need to add rules when to use it and when not to use it, how it will allow you to make a decision, when it will filter out a bad or a fantastic trade, etc.. If you add too many indiors, you'll be bombarded with factors and choices in your trading program. You will be paralysed and also you won't have the ability to pull the trigger.

This is what I think and I am willing to die for it.

However bad it is or how bad it gets, I will make it! That is what we should be talking about ourselves day after day once we are sitting in from our trading channels.

A number of you at the moment, you would like to go to another level... in our case, becoming a successful trader... You can not get to that degree economically where you would like to be until you start investing in your mind, invest in yourself.

View these 6 minutes inspirational video by Eric Thomas and Will Smith, watch them every day if you will, this is what we need to think about ourselves to become successful at any task

I've created a brief eBook with all the fundamental rules about how to trade supply and demand imbalances. This book contains the rules discussed in the tens of thousands of posts of this thread. Before you can start putting the pieces of the puzzle 16, these rules must be understood by you. The book alone is futile, it contains links to videos and webinars you need to watch. You also need to read the posts within this thread.


Any Advice or advice on this thread posted by the adminior and the readers is general advice only - it doesn't take into account your personal conditions, please don't trade or invest based solely on this information. By viewing any material or using the information in this thread you agree that this is overall eduion material and you will not hold any person or thing responsible for loss or damages resulting from the content or standard advice supplied here by the adminior along with its individual members. Futures, options, and place currency and stocks trading have large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the dangers and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the Forex and futures markets. Do not trade with money you can not afford to lose. This thread is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell place Forex, CFDs, stocks, options or other financial products. No representation is being made that any account will or is very likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those mentioned in any material on this site. The last performance of any trading system or methodology isn't necessarily indiive of future results.