Hello traders,

I recently found out insanity system and read the books about it (by Bill Willi). I had been convinced by the scanning I tried the system for some time...

I seems worthable for me and I did not find talks here about this trading system and this it is:

Profitunity System

On the chart employ subsequent tools
Alligator - Three SMAs (13/8/5) using a future cancel of 8/5/3 respactively.
Fractals - 5 bars sequence where middle one has maximum High / cheapest Low and its own preceded and followed two bars have lower highs / higher lows
preceded by two lower highs and can be followed by two lower highs
Awesome Oscillator (AO) - gap between the 34-period and 5-period easy moving averages of this bar's midpoints (H L)/two
Acceleration Oscillator (AC) - gap between 5/34 momentum hgram (AO) plus a 5-bar easy moving average on the AO

To apply into MetaTrader 4 stage use these menus
Alligator: Insert Indiors Bill Willi #8211;gt; Alligator
Fractals: Insert Indiors Bill Willi #8211;gt; Fractals
Awesome Oscillator: Insert Indiors Bill Willi #8211;gt; Awesome Oscillator
Acceleration Oscillator: Insert Indiors Bill Willi #8211;gt; Acceleration Oscillator

Entrance :
When (Alligator) lines are opening we now place a buy stop one point above the latest fractal outside of those lines in trend management

Exit :
When (Alligator) lines are shutting we are closing also.

We stay out of the marketplace when and while lines are intertwining.

Adding :
After the first fractal is taken, we take any and each sign in that direction.

Adding Entry Signs :
AO: We go long when AO brief on the opposite situation and cross zero line from negative to positive values. We proceed long we have 3 successive AO bars above zero lineup last two having higher highs (i.e. AO brings back for some time) - opposite for market

AC:Go long following two successive bars above zero line Go long following three successive bars under zero line - For short - reverse situation

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That's it. If you want more information - you can read http://www.alpari.co.uk/en/market-an...ory/index.html
I'll attempt to answer some questions as best as I can...