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    Here is a snapshot of what's occurring right now in the broader market. I will be looking at things once we get Goods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Following an hour of messing around with all the Trade Explorer, to no avail, I eventually contacted Gain and had been advised they don't encourage Investor Passwords. Kind of a bummer. I've got an FXCM account a few bucks could throw in however the last time I conducted my account I had a hell of a time with this background. They'd arbitrarily trune it along with your metrics would be wonky. Wouldn't mind running one don't wish to go through a ton of hoops just to not have this work. Open to suggestions (different broker??? Just seems like a lot of work for only...
    I think you can start a sub account with your fxcm and begin fresh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I guess you can open a sub account with your fxcm and start fresh.
    Only logged into my FXCM account... all my trade history is gone. I guess we have to download their trading program and get it. Not trendy. I believe I will find another broker only throw a grand and only trade the currency scan on it as a stand alone model, no fundies or M/L stuff, find out how it does. Could be interesting to see how it plays out over a couple of years.

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    EUR/CHF Update: The pair is currently indiing short on the daily studies and quite close to doing the exact same about the weekly. Once it strikes those levels, I'm going to take a more serious look at this, determine where the fundamentals are and if there is a situation to acquire short. It is worth noting it does signal a weekly short this is going to be the time ahead of the SNB that we've had that sign set up and it might indie a return to a range that we start to cycle through. There's still a lot of unfamiliar with this pair (will the SNB intervene again etc...)

    Technically speaking the current momentum gets the pair breaking out of the top trend-channel. That will not typically persist very long when the marcro specialized are at these levels. I'd expect the pair therefore settle in within another few hours, consolidate just a bit, maybe even give up a little of its gains. I am not trading that so it is worth less than the electronic paper it is printed on.

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    If anybody has any experience using Oanda and theforexintuitiveTrade Explorer hit on me with shout or a PM. Let me know in case you had any issues, how well it monitored etc.. I think that may be my only real option now. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    If anyone has some experience using Oanda and theforexintuitiveTrade Explorer struck me with a PM or yell. Let me know in case you had some problems, just how well it tracked etc.. I think that might be my only option at this point. Thanks!
    No problems whatsoever with oanda and TE (maybe not the best spreads, together with okay)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote no problems at all with oanda and TE (maybe not the best spreads, with okay)
    Love that... Yeah I saw those spreads and also my guts knotted up a little bit.

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    Food for thought...

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    Bandwagon effects exist because of accessibility, anchoring, representativeness, increasing confidence, and credit/blame problems. These may continue unabated until current events (as translated by market participants) collect against the tendency. If the discrepancy between the amount to which a currency price has increased because of also the interpretation of events and bandwagons is large enough brokers' confidence can be crushed and fear and collapse can result.
    Harvey, John T. Currencies, Capital Flows and Crises: A Post Keynesian Analysis of Exchange Rate Determination. 2007/2008

    Currently looking for a tiny panic...

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    EUR/USD so close to hitting that upper station... And we're seeing a different cyclical top emerge (light blue line on the top of the chart), which technically is bearish for the pair. I'd rather not short this to such strong bullish momentum, but I would love to have a small trade here and see if I could find a reversal. Going to keep an eye on it as we head to the semester that is Australian.

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    I was going to restrict access to this just keep tabs on the conversation and the flow of data - keep the thread. But I realize that stifles good input/questions from people that are currently watching. I want the scan if I'm going to put it out here, so no more to be as useful as possible limitation.

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