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Thread: Alert for SAR color Bar

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    Can anybody put an alert feature, currency pair, timeframe and .wav alert ? Every time it changes direction . Indior attached.


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    Thank You,
    Any chance I can have:
    1. The alert switch transports
    2. I am able to place my own wav file
    3. Alert for Buy / Sell from the Alert box


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    I don't know exactly what your 1st question is asking,

    I don't get any red dots? Where are these dots?

    Make sure that the dots aren't coming from something else; choose a fresh chart and apply the indi. . .and the indi just... if it still happens post a pohto and I will look at it

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    Hi Rbi,

    Alert works fine, did you have the sound alert wav file option and the on off to the alert purpose ?

    I also get a red dotted line after awake flames, can we remove this line ?

    This line doesn't coincide with the first color change, is that right ?

    Thanking you once again for your help, much appreciated.


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