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Thread: 15 minutes to success

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    The name makes me laugh. It reminds me of 6 minute Abs or a few of the Forex trading systems marketed online -- Insider teaches you the key to ensured success in only 15 minutes a day.

    Onto Trading.

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    Took a couple of days off, nissed some nice movements. Wow!

    Trade Results for now (Aug 13)

    09:30 GMT
    Sell GBP/USD
    Entry 2.0183
    Exit 2.0178
    SL 2.0198
    Pips 5

    This one looked a little shaky so I took what the market gave me was pleased to depart with a profit.

    15:45 GMT
    Sell USD/CAD
    Entry 1.0502
    Exit 1.0502
    SL 1.0517 (trailing stop)
    Pips 0

    This trade is continuing. Establish a trailing stop since I have to go someplace. Stopped out while in transit at breakeven. Most likely would have closed this manually ching 10-15 pips. Oh well. There's lots of opportunities.

    Today's Pips: 5
    Weekly Pips: 5
    Total Pips: 18

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    I only wish to talk to something I discovered in myself a while back that restricted my achievement after short term trading. That's the if only situation. Going back and looking at a chart and stating guy if I had retained my position I might have made 50 pips or whatever value is. The reason this line of thinking was harmful for me was it made me question my exits and sit in trades that were going against me because I wanted to hit the triple, the homerun, or better. . .the grand slam. When I should have been happy with one. When short term trading a bunch of singles results in more RBI's than the triples and past.

    Can you think Tony Gwynn was ever upset with one or wished he'd closed his eyes and swung for the fence? I think not. He made it to the Baseball Hall of Fame at the very first opportunity because he was a high percentage, always successful hitter. So be sure to lock in profit. Who cares if it is just 5 pips (true you will not have folks here onforexintuitivebelieving you're a trading pro and offering you alms). These 5 pips for one trader might be worth far more than 100 pips for a second. Fantastic Trading!

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    03:00 GMT
    Sell GBP/JPY
    Entrance 237.16
    Exit 237.02
    SL 237.31
    Pips 14

    15:15 GMT
    Buy GBP/JPY
    Entrance 236.85
    Exit 236.90
    SL 236.72
    Pips 5

    16:15 GMT
    Sell GBP/JPY
    Entrance 236.01
    Exit 236.11
    SL 236.86
    Pips 10

    Now's Pips: 29
    Weekly Pips: 34
    Total Pips: 47

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    I have been remiss in posting my transactions. I will attempt to post my transactions as real-time as possible going forward. My transactions over the vaions:

    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays

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    My intentions with this trading method are to utilize tight stoplosses, take profits once the market tells me to, and possess a high win/loss ratio. Is win/loss ratio that which? No. Look for the forum and make your mind. My journal isn't the place to get this discussion. I'll discuss how money management is handled by me .

    Trade Results for today:

    10:00 GMT
    Sell USD/CAD
    Entry 1.0536
    Exit 1.0523
    SL 1.0551
    Pips 13

    In case anyone can instruct me on how to exhibit an excerpt from my journal spreadsheet here I would much appreciate it.

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