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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    From what I hear Tradestation is your company, simple to use, simple to code....
    Same as I've discovered then I have absolutely no problem paying anything it takes in regards to quality, provided that I think it's worth it and provide desired functionality in return. Tradestation happen to be under constant improvements/updates for many years that I would suppose reflects in the applications (attributes ).

    TS's easy-language coding is one of those features I've been looking at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Thus in the long run, I cover MORE on several ECN brokers compared to most MT4 brokers.
    Perhaps you forgot to consider how MM and ECN order filling, ECN always fill at greater price compared to MM, in the future u ECN still wins, somebody wrote about it you gotta dig it up somewhere. Which MM u are currently using?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    What's it all about MT4, I've tried it, not a fan, I understand there are EA's, and its fairly customizable, but to be honest I've been around this business for about 5 yrs, and still not seen one Auto traded platform which works long term.

    What's it....What am I missing?

    I figure to ask a direct question, what's your favorite feature?
    Since it's preditable, you basically understand what it could do.
    And quite stable.

    A lot better than usd, gold and silver shares, and realestate items.

    How can we long mt4???

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Why do you say this, considering CFTC excess internet cap, it might beg to disagree, Oanda, FXCM (micro's.... I know) Profit, also GFT. . .None of that utilize MT4.

    I figure that I see that for the more technical trader, not specialized analysis, technology as in app writing and auto trading....But Professional traders?

    I just dont see it. But like they say, opinions are like....well you get the stage
    although we cannot deny that bucket shops make a lot of money by casinos in this age.

    Mt4 is basically using great life, the notion is doing support and collect fee. And no price just like fabricating....

    Something similar to what blizzard is doing. Software support using a entry barrier and customer acceptance. and free!

    In the long term, if you seem 100 yrs, where is GM? CITI maybe? AIG no, mt4 likely yes...

    that is energy

    bucketshops will mostly be gone also

    why trading 6 hours daily in front of computer along with 8-9 hr work...
    if holding stocks and forget about it you receive great 10% ROI per year on average over an extended duration and econ won't clapse?

    I bet 99% people still place their retirement account in stocks and this is clearly where money buys out in the long term.

    The number of bucketshop can survive the capital life after econ recovery is a fantastic question.

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