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Thread: Whats the inspiration left for retail trading?

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    Thanks copernicus,

    so IG is a sophistied MM. Not certain as it's going to screw me up. LOL I am little.

    Since I am dealing with IG, I am wondering, at case similar to this, what's likely to happen when I had a CHF trade. Most likely, slippage just?

    I'm only trying to understand the way their back end is operating, the way they route the transactions when possible, though I guess it is their secret.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    thanks copernicus, therefore IG is a sophistied MM. Not sure when it's going to screw me up. LOL, anyway, I am little. As I am coping with IG, I am wondering, at the event similar to this, what's likely to happen when I had a CHF trade. Most probably, slippage only? I am only trying to understand how their rear end is running, how they route the transactions when at all possible, though I figure it is their key.
    Liquidity can be a problem with MM's but on balance, IG is pretty nice and needs to be to keep its market share. The issues with last weeks CHF crisis was faced from the ECN brokers as opposed to the MM's. IG did nevertheless cop a $30M loss for the Group (and I suspect this was out of their DMA version ) but this was relatively modest considering the size of their balance sheet.

    If you drill down on the chart to the 1-3 min timeframes you can see that unlike some of the other men, IG held it together quite well with restricted openings and there were a number of points for transaction exits. Although some slippage but not excessive.

    Appearance I am not advertising for these but I've been using them a long time now (10 years plus) and I've been extremely happy with them. There are a couple grudges such as interest is not received by you on your collateral. There are also points of reduced liquidity on a number of the instuments during out of hours periods where spreads can discount but this is faced by most of OTC brokers so that I suck it in and cop this candies as their other services compensate for this. I tend to exchange on longer term TF so these disperse blowouts don't materially affect my game but for a shorter trem trader they might.

    They rear their MM model up using a solid hedging egy where they offload a vast percentage of their counterparty risk into the Interbank which makes it quite difficult for an event like last week to nail them. I am quite risk averse and this is among the main reasons I chose them as my principal broker. I also have Axitrader as a secondary broker but that I don't get the same services and platform thus don't use them much. It is preferable to spread the joy to some number of brokers to minimise risks related to company risks or force majeure. :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    (nevertheless feel blessed I closed MF account months until it dropped, Singapore clients took years to return a part of their cash ).
    Amen to this zxd:--RRB-

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I believe IG is very professional in this business, only the MM nature always made my anxious and suspicious from time to time
    Yep the suspicion is difficult to avoid especially from the'sniffing of stops' but I have a sense that my too conspiratorial nature is my main problem. My trade sizes are barely a blip in the scheme of things. I just like to believe it is me against the market, however I believe therein lies the biggest problem for a lot people. Nice to hear you have had any slippage that is favourable. Each cloud has a silver lining.

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