EUR/AUD looks cheap?
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Thread: EUR/AUD looks cheap?

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    Well it can go down a little, however dailly, weekly monthly charts indie its going up,...I guess, any ideas, even eur/usd will attempt to get over 134 one longer , if not found the temp. Floor in that level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    i am not assuming anything about the dow,. .if I would seek out relevance to some pair it would be the usd/jpy to get dow,. . .gbp/jpy to get footse,. . .eu/jpy to get eurex or cac or dax,. .

    Ok...I gradually started to buy this pair 150pips sl,. . .call me mad.
    Not whatsoever. Fantastic luck.

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    The one thing that the weekly/monthly chart shows is a small trendline touch as of yesterday, but the tendency is CLEARLY down.

    So far as I'm concerned, it is time to wait patiently to find out if price breaches during that trendline into the downside or whether it bounces into the upside. But yearning from just one touch off that up-trendline is simply gaming.

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    Gambling with options may be the right time right now,...I got some extra euros and need to do a little bit of hedging, which pair should I choose? , I was considering eur/aud, but if I checked the charts I might buy them not sell them!! ,....if I could cross it for two years I might select usd, because elections are next year on schedulle, but till new year, im ready to gamble. Any hedge/gamble thought?

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    Yeah, Las Vegas. At least you'll get a few free drinks while gambling your cash away...

    Sorry, I cannot assist you with the betting thing.

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    yeah,. . .ok. I did check aud/eur monthly, and are right it reveals north, such as I thought. . .thanks for me,. . .do u know how long it may continue to outperform the euro, ill check gold and carry charts,. . .thx

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    I got a feeling that it wants to revisit the devils. . .hm

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    I love the EUR/AUD for swing trading! The jump off the 1.6000 level wasn't surprising given the equity weakness. For this week it all depends on stock market: DOW stocks are -270 appropriate now. Therefore, unless there are anough deal seekers on wallstreet, EUR/AUD is probably headed for 1.7500 - 1.8000 or longer. The prior selloffs started at 1.5500. If it happens at 1.6000, we'll be breaking up through the 10 year wedge once and for all.

    Additionally, I am waiting for another sell off so that I can exchange the occilation that occurs after (indecision flag).

    Secret tip: On the previous occilation flag seen on a 4 hour chart, slow stochastics nailed the overbought signal for the AUD everytime! Put this together with all the support and resistance lines that define the occilation range, and you've got a winning mix!

    Take care,


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I got a feeling it wants to revisit the devils. . .hm
    almost there...

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    nah,...I dont...:... I would like to see that the 1.636 to hold

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