Relaxing colors for charts
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Thread: Relaxing colors for charts

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    we stay every day for quite a very long time viewing in our charts in the monitor.
    I'd love to understand which are the relaxing colors for charts to prevent wasting my eyes.
    MY chart is quite simple... just price bars.... What colors do you raccomendo for background and bars??
    Thank you Ahead of Time.

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    too lazy to bring a new image however purple/green haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Prevent a white backdrop and vivid colors. This works for me.
    This is precisely what my chart resembles

    Great minds...

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    Those colors combinations look good!

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    This I find soothing whilst listening to or occasionally .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    That I find relaxing while listening to or sometimes .
    My eyes go backward when I see something like this

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    Colors of the chart are very valuable to me. Since I use a lot of patterns, it's important to get things adjusted as not to cause a seizure with each the things I get at a chart.

    The bows and squares chart below is a good illustration of a lot of lines, which I used a darker colour for the pattern and also brightened up price to stand out against the pattern. For the chart with each the verts I enjoy the verts to stand out so I proceed with colours for price.

    On a more profound level, colours have a physical impact as music does. Colors divide up by rate of vibration or frequency. So higher frequency colours cause the mind to operate at a higher frequency and vice versa. Again, similar to music. Studies have shown that the mind and body are in a state that was lowly at higher efficiency when. ie, Alpha and Theta brainwaves, etc..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Colors of the chart are very important to me....
    Awesome. So you are into Satan too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    we stay daily for a very long time viewing at our charts in the monitor.
    I'd love to know which are the relaxing colors for charts to avoid wasting my own eyes.
    MY chart is very simple... only price bars.... What colors do you raccomendo for desktop and bars??
    Thanks Beforehand.
    Hello Montecristo, because you know my chart are black with black and white bars with green edges like BigWaveRider's chart. However, I like the idea of relaxing chart, I had been playing around, what do you think of something like this:

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    The most relaxing colours are generally thought to be cool colors such as green and blue....Driving down any highway in the United States, you'll notice that each sign noting an exit or interchange is comprised of reflective white letters on a chalky, dark green backdrop. Engineers decided that a motorist's eyes do not get tired looking in print in a green field, yet the colours offer enough contrast for character recognition. Because the color quiets performers is in the green room of theaters or television studios. This is the reason surgeons utilize green scrubs. Hospital waiting rooms, psychiatric wards, and prison cells paint their walls green for the same effect.

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