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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Trading appears to be simple once you return and examine the price action based on your own favoutite system till the stage when you need to place the true transaction when all you have is a chart without any continuation and yourself with all your doubts...

    Only a idea which applies to me.
    I keep waiting for that knot in my gut to go away with experiance. I dunno if it ever does. You get used to it marginally.

    The knot gets extremely bad if you buy a couple drops in a row and you know you want a triumph to balance it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Trading seems to be simple when you go back and analyze the price action according to your favoutite method till the stage when you need to place the actual transaction when all you have is a chart without any continuation and yourself with your doubts...

    Just a thought that applies to me.
    As Alexander Elder said in his novel, Trading for a living, brokers do not permit trading in the center of charts, they only allow trading at the perfect edge of those. . .Hope this quote assists in a way or another...



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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    you cann't trade a demo as though it had been live. Since its not. When you start to trade real money..Kenmainia. . .you'll discover out this.

    And Just Like I said I am in on the same trade. . .Mine is real money rather than small lot size .

    I didn't suggest doing anything I am not doing myself. (with real money)

    You must have misunderstood or I shoulda frased it otherwise.

    sry for any misunderstanding.

    No worries, Dave. I was only commenting in my experience. I started a live account after trading demo for a short period and I realized after the bad experience I was trading demo in manner that I never would have done reside. I feel like I am getting a much better understanding because I trade my demos as though it really were my money. . .because in a way it will be.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I am always here to help not hurt.
    I understand that is true and I also have no doubt you've got more expertise than I do and I admire that and I am sorry I came across the manner I did.

    Also sorry Lina, for digressing your own thread.


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    I shut last week trade at 13 pips although when I waited a bit longer could have gained greater - price went a bit down before turning upward as my analysis for the previous week showed.


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    Trade not accepted:lt;ogt;lt;/ogt;

    lt;ogt; lt;/ogt;On 4h chart wma5 changed slope while there was a Mouteki trendline in place. Management of the trade was also in line with my weekly analysis. Entry point is indied on the chart. It might have been a 90 pips commerce if taken.
    Reasons for not taking: didn't feel good all week and it is one of my rules - to steer clear of the market in this state.


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    I connected my weekly analysis. The transactions I will enter will be based on the combined Kolachi and Mouteki methods or Kolachi methods only. Analysis relies on the emas interaction as it's explained in Kolachi methods.

    Important things in gambling are to trust oneself and the method selected and fully accept the risk entailed.

    Thanks for reading and constructive commenting.



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    MT4 platform is used for the analysis and Oanda sport is used for setting all trades.
    Date: 10/05 (10/06 GMT)
    Trade: Brief EUR/USD
    Entry price: 1.26895 (oanda quote)
    Time period: 1H
    Snapshot was shot at the start of the trade (don't know how to place it )
    Result: 2 pips

    Reasons for taking commerce:
    1. On 1H wma5 got repulsed off ema 21 a Kolachi method
    2. On 4H there was Mouteki trendline drawn BEFORE the change in slope of this wma5 - means there were 2 reference points to draw the trendline before wma changed the slope.
    3. On daily chart ema 100 would be analyzed for the 4th time (had roughly 30 pips till ema100 on the daily chart) but this time wma5 already crossed ema 21 and ema 55 and ema 21 just crossed ema55 so there were more chances for it to cross ema 100 - Kolachi method.
    4. Kolachi dispersion was growing on 1h and 4H charts

    While in the trade: was tracking lower timeframes for possible indiion of change of management. Price went 10 pips in my direction, went down and was going back and forth - from -5 pips to 2 pips.

    Reasons for final trade premature: Server of my MT4 platform was down - couldn't last excellent tracking; price was moving backward; the next morning was non-farm deductions day.

    Actual price management: Price went nicely down and ema100 resitance on the daily chart was busted.

    General feelings: Dissatisfied. Fear was that the driving variable whilst in the trade although trade examined.


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