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    I would love any help or tips on the following. I am searching for what I term a candle screen. For example if the current time is:15 the 1 hour chart will display the candles as they look from (n-1):15 lt; (n):15. The four Hour would show as it would appear (n-4):15 lt;(n):15. Update would happen on the minute. The screen would have the last 60 bars on hourly and final 24 bars on 4 hour as recent activity is what I am interested in

    I have seen a candle globber that would draw a box around the prev candles to indie what it'd seem - but it was perplexing on screen, I believe if something like (and I can not find it now) may work if the candles were made to evaporate - possibly by mixing the colour to match the background and just the box has been displayed. However, the prob is that it would have to be run on 1 second chart and the candles would be too fat to show 60 on the chart.

    As I reread this I guess what I am searching for would be to repaint the candles each minute to reflect how they would appear based on the newest time. I am able to write simple ksh scripts - but I think this may be past me.

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    The candles can be drawn by you . Just hit F8 then select Line Chart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I am searching for what I term a rolling candle display.
    Does this help? (it is quite a while because I looked at it, can't recall exactly how it works).

    As kd3726 points out, it is possible to hide the 'base MT4' candles by choosing a line chart (press Alt-3), then press F8 and change the Line Graph color to None.

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    Kd3726 and Hanover
    Thank you, Hanover I believe this DynamicCandle should do the trick. Again, Thanks.

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