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    Hi, english isn't my native language so I have a little problems with a few appellations.
    What is PPZ?
    Point P .... Zone ?

    Thank's for response.

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    Can you tell me how to calculate ppz for indices? like nikkei?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    hi, Can you tell me the way to compute ppz for indices? like nikkei?
    It doesn't matter if you're looking to draw in PPZ's to a chart to get Foreign Exchange, indices, stocks, whatever. A PPZ - Price Pivot Zone - is a zone or point where price has fulfilled resistance/support numerous times. The vehicle is irrelevant - they're formed by price .

    It's a visual thing - thus return in your weekly indices chart and search for areas that have strong support and resistance - these will probably be your PPZ.

    Consider the chart below - I have marked in blue weekly PPZ - points at which price has fulfilled support and resistance repeatedly. In orange it's possible to observe a near-term PPZ.

    If I zoom out, I will see my gloomy PPZ return to 2010 -

    Price will often react to these points. You'll find heaps of information.

    Hope that helps!


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    I figure its a Term in the J16 thread, then it signifies
    Pivotale Price Zone. . A level where price was Support and
    acts now as RĂ©sistance, or vice versa ie where price Flips from
    sup to Res or vice versa

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