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    Good morning,

    I'm new and this is my first post.

    With the assistance of a friend we've developed in Matlab a cyclical approach to simulate and forecast market behavior, from a scientific perspective.

    We got very nice effects, and we believe we can become even more with the comprehensive study and analysis of every measure of the entire procedure.

    Because of this we are seeking for individuals with good background in mathematics to make a study group about cycles and periodicities in financial markets; engineers, mathematicians, physicists etc., are all welcome.

    The attach is a sample of what's been done so far, of course if we always get these results we don't have to study anymore...

    When there is somebody interested in, please contact me directly through Skype, my nick is

    Greetings from Italy and apologize for my poor english.


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    Well, I understand, this is a trading system segment and our analysis isn't a trading system, or, better, isn't a trading system as of now.

    Yes the image I uploaded show a successfully monitoring of from sample data, and frankly I have to say we have wrong predictions, but I keep in mind that this type of analysis isn't a up/down, no output as opposed to a complex composite blend of directions, slopes, and turning points matches.

    I hardly believe such outcomes come from casualities.

    We have developed a code which often show amazing outcomes, I can not say how many occasions it tracks reliably 30, 40 or even 60 points aheads, but it will!

    And we understand there is a lot to do to enhance what's done; we didn't dive in specifics of every measure and that is exacly what we have to do.

    After the Cyclope will be fully developed in every details then we could measure its performance as hit/miss, equity and so on.

    For today we're looking for anyone with great maths skills, a few free time and willing to work togheter.



    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Interesting function.

    However, how often do you get these results? Was this a blessed hit/miss example? Or can you always (within let us say 0.1 standard deviation) reach the target?

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    I am by no means a math genius. But certainly I can help in other avenues. (MQL programming)

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    Ronald you're welcome, simply add me to your Skype contact list and let's see if we can begin working togheter!


    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I'm by no means a math genius. But certainly I can assist in other avenues. (MQL programming)

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    Well, since this is a forex forum get a glance at how cycle code act in different market, this is a sample out of eur/usd 15 minutes timeframe.

    I think quality predict speaks for itself.

    For a reminder, the in sample information (known information) ends at stage 60, and blue line is prediction. Red bars are later overplotted to confirm forecast accuracy.

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    I'm no genius myself but I am fairly god with numbers I will probably be some assistance if you are in need!!!

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    Hi Rbi,

    you are welcome! I look forward to see you to join us and for some queries.



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    Hi Sixer,

    that I have no site, no blog and nothing to sell, so I have nothing to do on this connection or some other.



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