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    I do not know if this has been discussed in this forum, I didn't find any posts on it. I am wondering if anyone has attempted the utilized by Linda B. Raschke. The system was thought for scalping, but it could be applied on many timeframes and pairs. The installation appears to be functioning in the majority of cases. Here is how it works to get a buy signal:

    - %D has established a certain uptrend
    - percentK has started to rise along with the slow lineup
    - a retracement causes %K to pull the slow line
    - enter when price action triggers the quick line to turn up once more in the direction of percentD (forming a hook

    - cease level: just below the bar of entrance (may also be the last swing low)
    - exit level: within 2 to 4 pubs

    Rules are reverse for sell signs. The system has been described http://www.trading-naked.com/library...alp_setups.pdf and updated in the Stree Smarts publiion. Here is an example:

    I'd personally add a 50 EMA filter to weed out bad signs (only long signs if the slope of the EMA is going upwards and only short signs for the opposite), but there doesn't appear to be many.

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    Interesting pattern, but what is % D and % K?

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    And..can you also share that zone indior that appears on your chart?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Interesting post...

    Chamane, how has the Anti pattern trading worked out to you? What time frames seem to function best with this particular egy? My personal preference is for longer time frames.

    Thanks for sharing!

    The system appears to be functioning on all timeframes. From the article I'm refering to in my first post, the Anti is used for scalping, but at the Street Smarts book, it is applied on Daily charts. Like you, I would prefer longer TF but it depends on your style of trading. I'm usually more comfortable with longer and more secure TF although I discovered this technique while looking for scalping egies. It doesn't work all the time (see red arrow at the pic) like using some other egies, but I like what I see visually. I am not trading it right now, simply backtesting and trying to add filters (like only trading at the direction of the 50EMA and external overbought/oversold zones) and different setups such as Sto (14,20,8).

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    and..can you share that zone indior that appears on your chart? BC
    There is no indior that I know of for this. I simply drew the zones in an image editor.

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    From LBR site:

    What is an Anti Setup?
    The Anti looks like a small bull or bear flag pattern that happens either in the midst of a trading range or just following a market has reversed from a sustained tendency move. Classic bull or bear flags are continuation patterns that can only occur in a market that has a well-defined fashion. Occasionally an Anti will look as the center retracement of an A-B-C pattern. Thus, we are in a position to acquire a measured movement objective that's based off the swing. The Anti has to be preceded with a short-term IMPULSE move. Buy Antis are somewhat more frequent than Sell Anti setups. The extended trades are going to have the best odds of succeeding if the preceding up leg is GREATER than the preceding down leg. Oscillator pattern recognition based on either the 3/10 oscillator or even a 7-period %K, 16-period /%D blend of stochastics can also be used to identify this particular setup.

    Let's explore the possibilities further...I believe we are on to something great...


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    I really don't know if I'm allowed to, but I am adding quotes from the Street Smarts book concerning the technique:

    once the %K and %D've shaped opposing slopes for three or more days, creating a tension between these, put a buy stop one tick above the prior day's bar. (This will be to go long when % D has returned to a positive slope.) . If the buy stop isn't hit, keep on trailing it down into the high of each prior day's bar.

    A trend line can also be drawn across the tops of the congestion or retracement pattern. Occasionally this setup captures moves out of little flags or drift patterns. Other times it ches amazing moves out of setups that the eye wouldn't normally pick out on a price chart. .

    Those are trigger signs that should help identify entry points. I also believe the method ought to be researched. Feel free to post any comments.


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    This pattern went down hill so quickly that no one has posted on it since 2010? What I was wondering is. . .at $350 per month to get her room, is she earning more money as a trader or as a marketer and author? If you asked me which of her incomes could I shoot, sight unseen at this time. . .give me her novel selling,writing, chat room, newsletter and conference earnings. I say she gets 80% from that and 20% from trading. I always suspect that when a pro trader has so much time to give lectures and put out newsletters, write books and columns and still trade full time. Gotta hand it to her though, she is one of those very few who has milked this internet trading bandwagon for so long. Yet, every time I visit Amazon to review a book of hers, I don't buy anything. I'm pondering throwing $10 away these days to get a trial in her room. Only those $10 bills Id like to have Id almost give trading up. -)

    I believe she's a secret....she doesnt SOUND like a speaker or used car salesman like Oliver Velez, Cramer, and half the people who have their own trade room. She sounds real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Entertaining pattern, but what's %K and %D?

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    Allow me to add to my last comment 3 posts ago....do you all notice that each of the traders in Market Wizards aren't promoting solutions in chat rooms or hawking newsletters or software? Why? They can help a lot of people. Are they damn covetous, or is this only telling us that great traders have no opportunity to assist others.
    Ed sekoyta who promises to have a charity setup, is the only one I know who assists other traders AND poor people. Oh here is your best one! ...I was considering very long and hard on whether to join a trading area organized by O.V., also when his moderator told me he assisted 20 batterd women understand how to exchange and earn liberty, a week later I forked over thousands to maintain his area called Trade for Life. And my life stopped 1 year later when he went under after shooting over 1000 peoples money all over the world!!!!! I enjoy helping traders so that they dont need to go thru what I did he claimed.

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    I believe Linda B. Raschke is one of the real traders.

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