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Thread: Which pairs are you selling and why?

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    This may easily have failed - that the market order placed in the end of the afternoon yesterday on pound jpy because for me that the price action looked smashed. I'll keep it another day regardless of the swap that is negative.

    And since I visit 78.6% showing on the monthly pivots indior I use which I posted earlier on this thread, as being lately under challenge and since I do not anticipate pound to perform spectacularly well in the next hours before end of week, I will add limit orders in the 78.6 percent fib level 152.609 for the activity coming up after which will be not able to see: GDP and Mr. Carney's address.

    This is information that has assisted in the past with powerful limits at 78.6% if it looks like 61.8% is seriously penetrated: it's a section copied from something I found, on FF:

    Essential concept is being mindful of turning zones 61 and especially 78 zone. Google Scott Carney 786 and you'll get interesting results. 78 fib is not on Fib Meta tool default setting and traders are not aware of its significance. The .786 Retracement is the square root of the 0.61. The 0.786 is the next crucial region to examine after the 0.618 was clearly broken. The 0.786 is a vital Fibonacci number since it's often the last chance before retesting the original starting point. Price action that doesn't reverse from the 0.786 generally will retest, and frequently break past the original starting point. Therefore 0.786 failures are important because th estop reduction limit will be clearly defined by the original starting point and comparatively small when compared with the potential reversal. The 0.786 retracement is fairly unknown in the business, although I feel that more technicians are becoming aware of its significance.

    In my opinion it's a critical Fibonacci number, since it's one of the past harmonic ratios before retesting a trends prior high or low and it can offer a very clear indiion of the future direction based upon the price action in the number. Another reason why the 0.786 is a valuable Fibonacci number is since it can often gauge prospective opportunities, especially when the surrounding market noise (data) suggests that the set-up is to be averted. I've observed many situations, where the data in the press is rather contrary to what the price action in the 0.786 is signaling. If a stock is trending strongly, the 0.786 projection often can function as a vital reversal point, despite such contrary information.

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    The 78.6 Fib zone is a zone I usually watch especially when the market was on a lengthy fashion or where price action has suddenly gone to some solid momentum or in a surge.


    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    picture. . .being conscious of turning zones 61 and notably 78 zone...

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    We can see a rejection on each week, Daily , H4 and H1 too . My place will be held by me . image
    Success with commerce egy for this week end. Closing all GbpUsd brief position. Happy weekend

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    Joyful for your success mate! I too found selling the GBPUSD pair rather profitable.

    Trade thrive and safe.


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    quote Success with commerce egy for this week. Closing all GbpUsd brief position. Happy weekend image

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Happy for your success mate! I too found selling the GBPUSD pair quite profitable. Trade safe and prosper. KP quote
    Thanks mate, wish you too.

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    Although I am looking to market the EURJPY, I'll wait for a northward retracement prior to searching for a market trading prospect. A first attention will be on what price action does around 131.220 along side what happens around the descending trendline (red) on the H4 time period from the top of April 26, 2018, which will be in play as resistance.

    I may be wrong. Trade secure and thrive.


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    I will be tracking the EURJPY for market trading chance this week. On the weekly time period, price action is working in an ascending channel (black). Since mid-February 2018, price action has been working under the midline of this station (blue). In the last two months of April 2018, the market consolidated around a horizontal resistance. Last week, bears pulled southward of their consolidation using a comparatively large bearish candlestick which briefly breached the channel service until bulls intervened. The place of the latest price...

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    On UsdJpy I'm concentrated for this week. Short prefered.

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    Quite great. Could you tell us?

    Trade safe and prosper.


    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    For this week I am concentrated on UsdJpy. Short prefered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Quite good. Can you tell us? Trade safe and prosper. KP quote
    Hi KP. Mainly because it have a rejection on a weekly and daily. On 4h tf, it has already breached the previous low. Im looking forward a rejection on H4 and H1.

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    Agreed, the morning star pattern on the daily time frame is a clue.


    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hi KP. Mainly because it's a rejection on weekly and daily. On 4h tf, it's already breached the prior low. Im awaiting a rejection on H4 and H1. picture image picture

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